Motivation To Help People: Why I Want To Be A Paramedic

From the moment I was intrigued by the world of science, I felt the need to research the various career choices I could potentially go into. Looking rigorously through at all the medical field careers, Paramedic Science had struck my interest. As I researched further into this career I realised Paramedics have a greater responsibility than I thought this could potentially be providing help to people in agonizing and painful situations, saving lives and dealing with them. Knowing I will be able to do something that matters, which will make a difference makes me feel passionate. I personally think there is a lot more to being a paramedic other than what others see, it's about the compassion and supervision of care paramedics provide to their patients during their greatest time of need. This is why I want to share my thoughts on this topic with you in the "Why I Want To Be A Paramedic Essay" paper.

In order to gain more knowledge in the medical field of Paramedics I read the article Australasian Journal of Paramedicine by L. Ross and J. Hannah, this article helped me to develop a wider understanding of being a Paramedic this included; Attending emergencies, saving lives, giving back to the community, driving an ambulance etc. After reading this article I started watching videos on youtube of Paramedics telling their stories of where they currently are, how they got there and their experience of being a Paramedic.

I had done work experience in Lister Pharmacy as a dispensing assistant, during this placement I helped with the dispensing process working under the pharmacist, serving/communicating with customers, restocking items on shelves, pricing items etc. Also in my free time I would be familiarising myself with medication that different healthcare professionals use on a day to day basis. From this experience I improved my communication skills, managing my time effectively as I was multitasking, teamwork as I was working under the pharmacist and other dispensing assistants.

I also participated in a social action programme known as the first give. During this programme we were separated into groups and had chosen a charity to fundraise and raise awareness to the community, after debating with my group which charity we have picked and how we will raise awareness and fundraise, five individuals were chosen to present a presentation to parents, teachers and students. From this programme I improved at managing my time effectively as I had to meet many deadlines in order to complete the programme. I also figured out I work well with others as I have always been one to work independently or in pairs.

I have always been one to participate in sports and leisure activities since I was a child such as; Badminton, boxing and football in manningham sports centre. I am physically active outside of school as I go swimming twice days per week and gym five days per week, committing to this has made me fit and healthy which has been beneficial for me throughout my school life as being put under pressure with exams and coursework. This motivates me as I had a lot of work cramped up and helped me relieve my stress. I also started Jujitsu at the age of 14 and have been participating ever since, this is one activity outside of school which I enjoy the most, over the last three years of doing Jujitsu I improved my confidence as I would attend regular gradings for my next belt and would perform in front of hundreds of people. Whilst doing this I made many friends with people older and younger than me and with different backgrounds this gave an understanding of other religions and cultures.

I had participated in the NCS programme during last summer. This programme lasted four weeks and included adventurous activities, participating in gaining experience of living alone in a university accommodation and social action. After this programme I had graduated, which was a ceremony to celebrate the hard work put in overall. Overall the skills I gained after this programme were teamwork, confidence, leadership etc. which will benefit me in future as I will have basic skills.


09 March 2021
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