My Motivation To Pursue A Bachelor’s Degree In Business In Germany

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My name is Sourav Joshi, S/o Mr. Ashok Kumar and Mrs. Shashi. I hail from H NO- 1948, New Aman Nagar Salem Tabri, Ludhiana. I live in a nuclear family. I believe that family is such a strong word which means to feel secure. I am writing this Ietter to pursue my Bachelors in Business (Marketing) BA (Hons.) from Arden University, Germany.

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Educational Background

As far my educational background is concerned, I have completed my education upto Matric standard from Evershine Public High, Salem Tabri, Ludhiana, affiliated with Punjab School Education Board in March 201,1, with 56.15%. After that, I finished my Senior Secondary in Vocational stream from Govt. Sen. Sec. Model School, P.A.U Ludhiana, Punjab affiliated with Punjab School Education Board with 85.78 in March, 201,3. Then I have completed my Diploma in Textile Technology (Knitting) from Government Textile Chemistry & Knitting Technology, Ludhiana affiliated with Punjab State Board of Technical Education & lndustrial Training with 55.37% in 2015. All my studies were in English medium and to further enhance my English skills, I appeared for IELTS exam in Sep. 2016.

As I am already studying in International University of Bad Honnef in the course Bachelors along with Pathway Program but now I want to shift my university from IUBH to Arden University and pursue my Bachelors in Business (Marketing) BA (Hons). As a proposed student, I have done every possible research over education System, Course Structure, Fee details, Future Benefits, Accommodation etc. The Business (Marketing) BA (Hons) degree will help me develop my understanding of the business world where specializing in marketing. The course will equip students with the knowledge and skills specific to marketing planning, strategy and communications that will lead them to become top professionals in marketing whilst also gaining a strong foundation of knowledge within the business’ it will enable to build a promising professional future in the area of choice, equipping with the tools that need to thoroughly comprehend the business world and the marketing aspect of organizations.

Program Objectives

  1. Allow students to develop professional level skills in marketing supplemented by an understanding of a range of business disciplines.
  2. Promote understanding of the key aspects of current practice in the field of marketing while acknowledging current and emerging developments in the related disciplines, local, national and global.
  3. Equip students with the essential skills and tools to work professionally in a business situation and to be creative and professional practitioners, when working independently and when collaborating with others as part of multidisciplinary teams.
  4. Equip students to work within multicultural settings and to appreciate the complexity of decision making in such contexts.
  5. Develop an awareness of those entrepreneurial skills which best encourage the growth of enterprise and support the creation of new businesses.

Benefits of Studying in Germany

Germany has been for decades one of the top study destinations in Europe for international students. This is because Germany provides high quality education that is recognized around the world Germany has the 2nd best unemployment rate. In the EU, at 3.4%’ Berlin was voted 7th best city in the world for students by Top Universities’ Berlin is the second largest city in the EU, with a thriving business scene offering a range of job opportunities to young professionals and graduates. ln addition to its rich cultural and political history, it is now becoming famous for its wealth of flourishing tech companies and a growing number of successful entrepreneurs. Berlin itself is found in the northeast of Germany, between two rivers: the Spree and the Havel. Almost a third of the city is made up of green space, with plenty of public parks and gardens available. The city has a complex and extremely efficient public transport network, with long-distance rail lines connecting Berlin with other major cities (even other countries) and two international airports.

Benefits of Arden University

Arden University believe everyone, everywhere should be able to study. lf constrained by location, cost, life commitments or just by time, they are passionate about giving access to Higher Education that fits with our hectic, modern life. All the courses at Arden come with a strong focus-on employability – many of which are accredited by professional bodies. Studying with Arden University is not just about gaining a UK university qualification; it’s about progressing in career and personal life. And we won’t be alone on this journey – over 9O% of students with Arden University work alongside their studies. To provide excellent value to students, they deliver an elite academic experience with the flexibility and the knowledge to maximize career development whilst working.

I am applying to Arden University, because here students not only achieve an internationally recognized qualification, but also gain a clearer outlook on their career path. Many have opened new doors by becoming successful entrepreneurs or achieved recognition and monetary rewards even before their graduation. I hope you will grant me the privilege of pursuing my studies in this prestigious university.

14 May 2020

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