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My Motivation To Pursue The Master Of Global Management Degree

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Four years’ graduation in Economics has driven me to choose my career as a successful corporate executive which is a rewarding and prestigious job in today’s competitive world. As the number of transnational corporations is increasing in this era of globalization, my intention is that I will join the management department of a renowned multinational company. Thus to achieve prosperity in this profession, I need managerial knowledge and practical skills which motivated me to pursue the Master of Global Management Degree.

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The theoretical perspectives of Economics act as precursor for my excellent analytical ability. For my graduation in Economics I have completed several courses including Economics Development: Problems and Policies (Domestic and International), Cost -Benefit Analysis, Management Decision Analysis, Project Appraisal which have exacerbated my knowledge of developing and implementing policy. In addition, courses such as- Mathematics for Economics, Statistics for Economics and Econometrics have sharpened my ability to analyze information deeply and to comprehend numerical analysis. Moreover, Introduction to Management and Introduction to Sociology have provided me the basic knowledge. In addition, completion of 1 year MSS (Masters of Social Science) in Economics has prepared me for pursuing the degree of Global Management. Additionally, alongside my higher graduation in Economics, I did 6 months ITES Foundation Skills training on “Soft Skills and Web Design” which has intensified my ability to pursue this degree.

After completing my graduation in Economics, I joined a Construction Company in the client service department to gather some practical experience, where I dealt with several clients in order to convince them with marketing ideas offered from my company. I learned the process of promoting the product of a company and procedure to compete in market. Maintaining relationships with clients which was one of my prime responsibilities enhanced my communication skills. Working in the client service department gave me the experience of teamwork. My enthusiasm and quick learning ability helped me to get through it properly. Successfully completing two years in this job, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Global Management.

My educational background in Economics is appropriate for this program where some courses need basic economic principles. Thus I think I can assist fellow pupils who are from other disciplines to comprehend basic economic concepts and models. Furthermore, as I have trained on “Soft Skills and Web Design” I can help them providing basic knowledge which will help them to increase their learning ability. Besides, I can share my practical experience gathering from my job which helped me giving the experience of teamwork. I think my strong desire to gain knowledge and diligence can be their motivation. I can help them to understand lessons by group discussion if they face any problem. Therefore my academic knowledge, practical experience and cooperation can be helpful towards the contribution to the fellow students.

To attain a bright future I need to learn about trade and managerial policy in the global perspective to cope with this competitive corporate world. Moreover, this degree will enable me to develop and execute a project effectively and the skills required to manage International clients. Additionally this will help me to flourish my interpersonal skills and introduce me with the diverse culture that people around the globe follow. This program will able me to analyze profoundly and think strategically so that I can avoid risk, solve problems quickly, take decision wisely and manage the team efficiently. I have chosen this program because it will help me to set my career and prepare myself as a skilled professional.

The knowledge which I will achieve through this program, I think that will help me to uplift my career into a new stage in 5 to 10 years. As the program is designed as global perspectives and to provide the knowledge for operating in International Market, I will able to set up competitive business goals of the corporation where I will work to compete with other well established company. Besides this I will able to introduce the corporation globally. Consequently, my successful contribution in my workplace will raise my position in the corporation and give me the experience to work with a renowned and successful corporation. For this reason, this program has great importance to take my career towards progress in 5 to 10 years.

I have selected the Masters of Global Management program at Royal Roads University which is one of the renowned institutions in Canada. I chose Royal Roads University because of its outstanding faculty and facilities, flexibility in curriculum and affordable education cost. Moreover, Canada is my favorite destination because of its stable economy and political environment, higher standard of education and living. Thus I want to be a part of this dynamic program at Royal Roads University in Canada which is a reputed institution and the program is designed for the global perspective which will make me competent.

Finally, I expect that the admission committee will find my background appropriate according to the requirements of Masters of Global Management Program at Royal Roads University and will allow me to study under them.

01 April 2020

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