My Perfect One Week In Hawaii

It’s been years of traveling over many places on this planet, every time I discover new thing about my personality, and I develop it. I improve my knowledge. And I make new friends from different areas, and we still connected. After back from Australia I spent one year in United States without going anywhere, I was working to save money for another new trip. 

My dad suggests me to trip just in the U. S. to explore the country. He said there are various areas to discover in Hawaii. Moreover, He advises me to explore Hawaii Island. So, I said ok. Here is some about Hawaii this island placed at the Southwest of California is additionally a state in the Pacific United States. 

The next day I reserved the hotel for one week in Honolulu. The next morning I take a flight to Honolulu airport. I take a taxi to the hotel. I went to a restaurant to eat. I was so hungry, and pizza was excellent. Hawaii knows with surfing, so I had a chance to do some surf there. 

Renting a car is the best option when you come here to Hawaii. I meet some pretty cool travels who I enjoyed talking with them. 

Hawaii is one of those areas that will remain entrenched in your mind. The weather in Hawaii is regularly warm. 

Tuesday morning, I had breakfast early. I liked the food there. Later in the day, I decided to do the snorkeling was unbelievable. 

The next morning I had breakfast at Teshima’s Restaurant. Their bread was so delicious, and we enjoyed the food there, later in the day. It was surely a fantastic trip. The entire island is fantastic, and all the people were so generous. 

Yesterday, I went discovering the waterfall, Hawaii is full of surprises! The beaches are just as charming as in the films. Hawaii’s currency is the U. S. dollar. There are several places in Honolulu where you can find the best areas for a good night out. 

Like most cultures in the world: be considerate of others and their way of life. Hawaii is known for its attractive landscape. Hawaii has a delicious palette of food. Also, my swimming activity with dolphins was the most enjoyable adventure in Hawaii. It wasn’t cheap, but it worth it. Oahu Island is a famous movie scene for many well-known movies like the Jurassic Park series, Pearl Harbour, and many more. 

After one week enjoying the adventure, it’s time to back to home. 

09 March 2021
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