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My Plans On The Way To Achieving My Dreams

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Achieving my dream would be, being financial stable and becoming an elementary school teacher once I graduate. What’s important to me is to be successful and comfortable with my life and to work hard for the prize possession. To get to the prize possession I usually make goals for myself. Goals that I know that I can achieve. Sometimes some goals might take longer than others to complete but every day when I wake up, I tell myself I’m a step closer to completing it. Motivation comes from various sources. Which my family and friends play a part of that. They motivate me to stay positive and to work harder so that I can have the best future for myself. I know when I get older, I’m going want a suburban home with my dream car parked in the yard, it’s what keeping me going and sane. That’s why I get up every morning so when I do get older, I can wake up from inside of my house overlooking everything I own and worked hard for.

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As I grow up, I’m starting to create short- and long-term goals. My short-term goal is to finish college and to transfer to a university to receive my bachelor’s degree in primary education. How I’m going to achieve this goal? I’m going to achieve it by first having a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude can make accomplishing things a lot easier than having a negative mindset. Meaning I should react positively to every situation and try to handle everything with confidence. I must tell myself even when it gets hard to never give up and keep pushing through. At the end it’s all going be worth it when the dean of my school hand over my degree! As for my long-term goal, I strive be an elementary teacher. Because of my mother I wanted to be teacher. It’s something she’s passionate about and I saw how much she enjoyed doing it, so I took it into consideration and gave it a chance by volunteering at KidSpring at New Springs. I automatically loved it, and that’s when I knew that’s the career I wanted.

Besides wanted to be an elementary teacher I also want a wife and kids and to be financially stable. I want that American dream, the dream of having the house with the white picket fence and my two children with the dog. It’s one of my biggest goals that I’m going to turn into reality. Turning my goals into actual reality can be tough, especially because some of my habits can get into the way. Some of my weakness habit can be; hanging out with friends rather than doing my assignments or doing my assignments last minute. These are two are my biggest weakness. How can I overcome these?

By first doing all assignments first before going out. Because cramming all the assignments in one night can be stressful, and when I get stressful, I don’t get any of them done. That’s when I get in trouble with doing all my assignments last minute which is what all college students do, but sometimes I get carry away. Because sometimes assignments require more time than others. Therefore, what I do to help myself, I write down everything that I need to get done and plan around it. It’s a helpful method, because I know what I need to get done and know what all need to be turn in. It relieves stress and I’m more relax with everything. I know it’s going be hard at first to accomplish all my goals, but I know it’s going be worth it at the end.

18 May 2020

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