Exploring Personal Vision of an Utopian Society in the World

What is a Utopia? Every individual has their own idea and definition of a “Utopia”. A Utopian society is far more than just black and white. There are many grey areas which create chaos but at the same time remain coherent. Your surroundings and environment, make you who you are. Let's say you are an individual who lives in a perfect world, will this mean you will be a perfect person?

In my version of a Utopia, society will not be an overruling “evil” force that every single human tries to please. It would not matter what skin color you are, what size clothing you wear, whether or not you look like the ideal model. No one will be judged or have this urge to maintain a certain status. Everyone will understand that we are all human, we all have the same beating heart. Through all the materialistic and ridiculous stereotypes, we are all one with our own story to tell.

Everyone should work together to make the planet we live in a better place. Society as a whole would work together in harmony, benefiting one another's needs. There is always room for improvement, and I am not saying there is not anything I would change. From your first breath, to your last, every choice you make will impact you. The ups and downs, the mistakes and accomplishments all build you, to being you. Failure provides an excellent opportunity to learn. Don't deny yourself the ability to grow from your greatest mistakes. Humans would all be the good change they would want to see in others. World peace is considered utopian nature. Making one small change at a time, will lead to amazing differences in the future. We would be working with nature, not against it. When a problem is brought up, we would all be put to the test to come together and unite as one to solve it. there would be no wars, no starving children, no children without families or homes. Our oceans would be clean and our grass will be greener.

In my ideal world, everyone would understand that the problems and situations you go through make you a better person. They should not be taken as a sign that everything is going wrong, but maybe as this will make me a better person. Optimism is a key factor in staying content. Staying positive and looking at the brighter side of things is easier said than done, but realizing you are never alone and you are what you make of the situations , make you the best version of yourself. Understanding that not everything will always go your way, and growing from that is far more important. As these reactions become passed on to people, the world will be a better place.

Individuality would be a major aspect as well. Everyone would be allowed to freely express who they are through different things, such as clothing, music, art and so on. As long as no harm is done to others within the society. Everyone would be allowed to follow their true passion. Everyone would be fully content with what they’re doing which generally leads to the ideal utopia.

Money is the root of evil. People would do absolutely anything for money, things that go against their own morals. In my version of a utopia, money will not mean as much, no one will be treated differently for the money they may or may not have. Although I still believe that everyone should work hard and earn the money they receive, it should not be something that divides the human race up. If every individual is working, and benefiting each other, society would run smoothly over all. Everything we do is a chain reaction to each other.

In my world everyone would get mental health exams annually. This will lead to no crime rates, no self-harm or social harm. People who do you need help will all be placed in a great facility and be provided with attention and care they need. Physical and health exams will be provided to everyone, no one will get denied of treatment and help due to insurance policies. Monthly payment plans could be set up, and since every individual will be working to better themselves in a society that will be looked upon as well.

There are so many factors and things I need to be done and change to create this ideal world not necessarily perfect but just a better place to live in an overall. This world will initially benefit all the humans. Everyone will need to join hand-in-hand to maintain it and genuinely be happy. There will always be room for new ideas, improvements and so on. We need to understand that the perfect world is not what is needed. But what we do need is a balance. We need to work together to make this place not perfect, but a better world for us and generations to come. The change can start with you.

10 October 2020
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