My View On Alfred Adler’s Concept Of Individual Psychology

People were probably born to prove themselves worthy. People were probably striving to have a part in the social world. Well, there is no definite explanation with this, of course, because every theorist has their own point-of-view. But one of the sounding theories in terms of attaining these goals is Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology. He believes that people are responsible for who they are and that a person’s present behavior is shaped by their view of the future, and not the past. When we were still on our younger ages who cannot really “get it all”, we all have that one goal to be someone or something else – not necessarily to be better just because we are not good enough but because we see ourselves inferior from others, and that this throne is something important which we want to have.

When I was in my elementary, being the youngest of the family, it felt really complete and satisfied having four siblings and parents beside me. I did not bother to see what’s “outside” as long as I am with them – until my parents decided to separate and had own lives with others. So, it left us, siblings, alone. It was really hard to adjust with the situation but most of all, embarrassing as a child to have only one parent accompanying you for schooling. At first, I was denial with what happened, hoping that they will be together again, but eventually learned to accept when my father had a baby with his other wife. This is why instead of stressing yourself, I have seen the external world – society.

I have learned to divert my emotions in joining activities such as singing and sports and was even active in leadership. This compensation which Adler was referring helped me in focusing with other goals instead of pushing myself to things which I can no longer solve. Then on, I have been active in terms of social involvement. As an individual who saw that recognition feels great especially when you make your parents proud, feels like you have to strive more and more so that no one can take it away from you. The attainment of the goal does not end until you got satisfied with what you are – final goal. Yet as we age, we want to gain more position, power and attention or any goals that make us feel that we are superior than others, especially if this goal is important for us. This striving force is just simply innate to the being but is not actually destroying others to be at the top. Of course, we are not always at the top. But this might be the reason why we strive harder and wanting to be more even if people thinks you had enough. The occurrence of “weak points” trigger a person with the feelings of inferiority. The feelings of inferiority occur when a person felt overpowered, especially when this is part of his or her goal. Sometimes we might excuse ourselves because of depression or anxiousness but the truth is no one can actually save us in the end from deterioration without the help of our own selves. In order to survive, one must be mentally prepared with the possible occurrence of day-to-day circumstances. These circumstances may either be for one’s own development or deterioration.

Facing challenges does not only mean you have to solve the problem per se but it gives us opportunity to suggest for a better solution. Besides, it’s not actually about the challenges but in the solutions that direct us with our goals. Our kind of lifestyle has its personalized guidelines in moving towards the goal. Regardless of the motivation of striving, each individual is guided by final goal – and it’s either we strive for superiority or success. There’s no concrete formula in reaching the final goal. Our lifestyle is the product of the interaction of heredity, environment and creative power. Thus, it’s our creative power which makes it personalized – unique, different. But the final goal cannot be achieved without having the courage or “willingness to engage in risk-taking behavior regardless of whether the consequence is unknown or possibly adverse”.

18 March 2020
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