My Visit To Buddhist Site

I went to Buddhist function at the midtown YWCA right off Lake Street train station by South high school. The date I went there was on Sunday September 11, 2016 from 10am- 12:30pm. I work at the YWCA as a front desk so once every month on Sunday. I would see a group of people going into the press conference room with food and instruments, wondering they are doing until my coworker told me that the room was used for a Buddhist function, so ever since then I was always curious to go least one of function to kill my curious but never had the courage to do so because I felt that is was outside my comfort zone. If it was for this class and teacher for motivated me to leave my comfort zone to try something new so I did. I would like to tell you things I like and saw at the function.

When I went the first at I have mixed emotions, I felt like an outsider and awkward so I sat there alone by myself. As people started to coming into the room taking their seats, a guy name Tim sat right next to me. He notices that this was my first time coming here but they were every welcoming and just so kind and nice people to spend that 2 hours I did with them. I like how my feeling change to being awkward and lonely to five minutes later feeling like I was part of a family because the love and welcoming they show me. Another thing I enjoyed the most while I was there was that there were chanting something that I have no clue what they were saying and the only I knew was that it was a prayer or ritual but in a way it something that was soothing and peaceful at the same time. After the chanting was over the leading and people who brought food over started to pass out food and treats. This elderly woman named Amy offer me food and it was food that I was not familiar to, I don't want to try it first but know the hospitality I was in that couldn't turn her down. The food Amy offer me was amazing and so good, don't know what it is called but is was spicy and sweet.

In conclusion, it took a lot of courage for me to leave my comfort zone trying this site visit and all I can tell you after that visit was that it was all Worth it because people in the Buddhist function were very welcoming and treat me with great hospitality. Although I didn't understand the chanting and what the lead person was give a lecture to, I felt soothing and at peace with chanting. Over all it great site visit for me and great experience. So glad I went there.

03 December 2019
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