Nature Of Love In Plato's Symposium

In ancient Roman literature, the topic of love is often a famed concept. Nevertheless, throughout all of these texts, the concept of love becomes an assorted situation. Just from witnessing this text, I can assume that love had a big effect on everyday life. One text of evidence talks about the variety of faces of love in Plato’s Symposium. In the Symposium, we hear a number of opinions of what the nature of love really means. In this essay, we will discuss a speech by Pausanius that emphasizes about love.

Furthermore, Pausanius looks at her two different structures which include “Common Love” as well as “Heavenly Love”. The deal with common love is that it can be seen as real-life context as that when a man and a woman join together to satisfy their sexual desires meaning in my definition that it’s a common love that everyone is supposed to do normally in regular life. Heavenly love, is when two people are attracted to each other with a strong connection that goes past just the physical appearance and it comes deeper than just a normal attraction, and it comes from within the mind and soul of a person. Heavenly love is stronger feelings than common love. From the speech of Pausanias it states “And although, of course, all the gods must be praised, we must still make effort to keep these two gods apart” (Plato’s Symposium 180E) also meaning keeping the two loves apart. These are indeed two completely different types of love.

One thing that Pausanias stated in his speech that I don’t entirely agree with states “ As a matter of fact, there should be a law forbidding affairs with young boys”( Plato’s Symposium 181E). The reason I don’t agree with this text is because when someone has love for someone or are in love with someone you're feelings just can’t disappear and go away even if they are underage you are still going to work around that because love takes over your mind and body and will make you do anything you're heart or mind desires. It’s almost like when you have a gut feeling that you're body is telling you and you make that decision but sometimes you can’t always trust your gut/intuition. In other words, Pausanias opinion about love states “ In my opinion, however, the fact of the matter is this. As I said earlier, Love is, like everything else, complex: considered simply in itself, it is neither honorable nor a disgrace-its character depends entirely on the behavior it gives rise to”(Plato’s Symposium 183D). One will agree that love is complex, due to our set of emotions, and behaviors for another person.

In Addition, I do mostly agree with Pausanias’s speech because Pausanias talks about “ I am convinced that a man who falls in love with a young man of this age is generally prepared to share everything with the one he loves-he is eager in fact, to spend the rest of his own life with him”(Plato’s Symposium 181D). The reason I agree with this text of evidence is because Pausanias doesn't have an old mindset of how love should be meaning sometimes people think that Girls should love boys and boys should love girls only and I like how Pausanias doesn't think that because we should all love who we want to love no matter what just like being open about who you are. As I stated before when we have a love for someone we will do anything to be with them even if it cost to sacrifice something.

All in all, We can all have different opinions about what nature of love really means but Pausanias stated theirs and I agreed with it. Love is something we all look for in life and no one can take that away from you. 

07 July 2022
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