Negative Impact of the Hurricane Katrina

During the hurricane many families were stuck in their homes until they were able to be rescued. “According to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, the average number of people displaced from their homes...have doubled since 1970”.Some families had to choose from rebuilding their damaged homes or buying a new stable home.Climate change is a big part of the disaster affecting residents.

However the economy is another reason why there were many displaced families after the hurricane. “Baussan highlights several reasons why this is the case in the united states; low-income housing less resilient to climate change...which rebuilds one’s life after disaster strikes”. The aftermath will be different for people who don’t have the same resources available.Beside the material being affected the residents also got affected mentally.

Many residents were treated for mood or anxiety disorder due to the emotional disturbance that they experienced.Many researchers concluded the reasons why mental health problems remained so high was the fact of the survivors’ need in useful assistance.Continuing with the displacement affects it also affected childrens’ education due to the time it took to settle down in a new home and trying to recover as much belongings you can.Also the time it took the schools to open back up in a safe and healthy conditions affected the students to be nearly a year behind.After seeing the time it took to recover homes and businesses the writer recommends in “ having a system in place to rapidly return the displaced to their homes, when possible ...helping prevent such community-wide decay in the future”.

Beside the economy and recovery time ,research indicates a broad racial divide in support of “ topics with clear racial overtones and we explore the possibility of a racial divide in reactions to Katrina using information from a nationwide white and black American telephone survey”.Others consider that there's a big difference in racial sympathy for Hurricane Katrina's survivors, how rapidly the government responded to the victims ' urgency for care, and endorsing proposed solutions to rebuild hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, confirming the disaster's racial existence. Blacks regarded the victims of the storm more favorably than whites did, made a sharper significance and felt more supportive to those trapped than to those evacuated from New Orleans, and embraced government efforts to improve the difficulty of the victims of the hurricane and rebuild New Orleans considerably more. This racial gap is as wide as any found in recent polls, holding up even after accounting for employment, income and other potential racial differences, and more thoroughly documenting gaps that were reported at the time of the tragedy in public opinion polls.

Hurricane Katrina caused great damage as a natural disaster in American history. The aftermath had widespread negative affect on New Orleans and it could have been prevented if perfect disaster management practices have been put in place. Therefore, it is necessary to decide the factors that induced the hurricane to be catastrophic. One thing that used to be responsible for the disaster was once failure of the three ranges of the government working cohesively. Another aspect that will be examined is social and psychological refusal of Hurricane Katrina. Lastly, the improper constriction levels and floodwalls will be addressed. By narrowing down the huge factors, the government and public can examine from the catastrophe management errors of Hurricane Katrina so aftermath results can be prevented in the future. Recommendations for enhancing disaster management practices can also be furnished and would be really useful in saving many lives. 

24 May 2022
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