Negative Side Of Photoshop For A Person And Society

Photoshop has changed society for the bad because it has caused a false idea of what beauty is. What is being said is an unreachable idea because it is extremely unhealthy, and computer made. I believe photoshop is what hurts our society quite a bit. An example would be that a store commercial plays on tv, but those models are being photoshopped to look thinner and more attractive to make them seem like perfect women. While they do that, little girls and teenagers see them and feel bad about themselves. They are already going through their awkward stages and seeing this makes them feel worse. This sometimes leads to young girls becoming anorexic, bulimic, or any other eating disorder. Other consequences of what photoshop in media is causing is increased rates of depression and anxiety. For example, when a teenage girl sees another teen is a different body type, they judge it which leads to bullying, which leads to depression. Although not many people put this together, it is real because I lived through it.

Photoshop has changed how society is thinking. You can tell easily with all the body shaming going around. For example, about a week ago in a club I am in, a girl refused to eat some candy that was given to her because she was “on a diet. ” I curiously asked her why and her response was “because I’m way to fat. ” I stared at her with a face that said, “are you serious?” and asked her why she thought that. She just said “Well. . . I just am. ” I was honestly shocked by Rodriguez 2 her. She probably weighed less than 100 pounds, but it finally occurred to me. Someone was body shaming her, causing her to go back to that “ideal body, ” which is completely photoshopped. Everyday these false ideas of beauty get into young girl’s heads and mess them up. I have always believed a woman’s body is beautiful no matter what, and when someone photoshops them, it just makes it. Not normal, like if they are being dishonest to everyone and more importantly, themselves. The reason I believe this is because you know you’re not like that, the person photoshopping you knows you’re not like that, and we as well know that you’re not like that. You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are and what you look like. “Beauty standards” created by photo editing is completely idiotic. It’s 2018, women have the right to be who they want to be. There’s nothing wrong with different body shapes and sizes. It’s completely normal. You shouldn’t be afraid to be you.

I once watched a show where a socially awkward girl decides to photoshop her breasts to make them larger. The photo accidentally gets out online and her entire school begins to make fun of her. One girl even lifts her shirt up in the gyms locker room and takes pictures of her breasts then posts them on social media. Therefore, I do believe photoshop can ruin someone’s life fast, especially now a days with social media. I am very glad there are celebrities and organizations who encourage everyone to love each other and themselves for who they are. For example, Modcloth, an online retail company, has women’s clothing from extremely petite to plus, and has changed their models to a wide range of body sizes. Another great example is Seventeen Magazine, who stopped photoshopping their models since 2012 when a young girl organized a petition with over 84, 000 signatures. A few celebrities who have protested photoshop and still are, are Zendaya, Lorde, and Lady Gaga.

Although there are organizations protesting photoshop, if not minimized or stopped will continue to create false “beauty standards” that will damage our society more than it already is. From eating disorders, to plastic surgery, to unhealthy habits.

Therefore, I do believe photoshop is bad for everyone and for our society. It can lead to eating disorders and depression, as well as ruining someone’s life. Photoshop has changed how society views a woman and how they view it is a false beauty idea, which is unhealthy, and computer based. It does change what people think due to the constant reminder found in all types of media. The good thing is that there are people and organizations that are fighting back again it as much as possible. If there was no one protesting this, then our society would be even more damaged than it already is. I always tell myself the following when I feel down, “Be Different Babe. ” Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

18 May 2020
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