Nikki Haley: Support for the State of Israel as US Ambassador

Nimrata (Nikki) Haley, an american politician, and South Carolina’s former governor, served as the United States ambassador in the United nations from 2017 to 2018. Nikki Haley is the daughter of indian immigrants, and the mother of two children. She is a wife, a leader, and most of all, Nikki Haley is a hero. Nikki Haley's courage and commitment to values were important in all her of government positions especially in defence of Israel as ambassador at the United Nations. Israel is her passion, and she showed tremendous devotion towards the state of Israel in the United Nations, no matter what the cost.

Nikki Haley’s family comes from India. Her parents are religious sikh indians. Her father, Ajit Singh Randhawa who has a Phd and was the assistant professor at Punjab Agricultural university was one of Nikki Haley’s biggest role models. Mr. Randhawa is a Sikh indian who first immigrated to Canada with his wife from Punjab Amritsar District in India, after receiving a scholarship to the University of British Columbia. Nikki Haley’s mother, Raj Kaur randhawa raised three children and earned her masters' degree in education, she also taught social studies for seven years. She left teaching to start her own business, which originally started out as a gift store, but rose to become a multi-million dollar enterprise, selling high-end clothing and jewelry. Nikki married her husband Micheal Haley in 1996 after they had met in Clemson university. They had two wedding ceremonies, one indian and one a christian ceremony. Mr. Haley was in the military and sent to afghanistan for eleven months. He also works for his mother-in-law’s business Exotica international. The couple have two children, rena and Nalin. Rena is about twenty one years old and is the student body president at Clemson university. Nalin is in high school and is known for his love of basketball. Nikki Haley never takes her amazing family for granted, and they have helped her become the person she is.

Nikki Haley is a graduate of Orangeburg Prep school. She attended Clemson University with a scholarship in textiles, but after studying for a while she realized that she wasn’t as interested in this field as she thought. After talking to her parents, she changed her major to accounting. After Haley graduated college in 1994 she became the accounting supervisor for a recycling company in Charlotte north carolina. She also returned to her hometown and joined her parents buisness at exocita inernational. She joined the Chamber of Commerce, and became active in the National Association of Women Business Owners. At meetings she often felt that the women spent more time complaining about problems then coming up with solutions. She became motivated to find ways to solve problems, and began to consider running for public office. She then became the State Congresswoman for South Carolina’s 87th District, where she served for three terms in the state House of Representatives.

Nikki Haley ran for governor in 2010. She had already served three terms in the South Carolina house of representatives. She won against her democratic opponent, State Senator Vincent Sheheen. As governor, Haley accomplished many different things. Her most famous act was the removal of the confederate flag in South Carolina. This was a reaction to the charleston shooting that killed nine people in a church. She gave the nine pens that she used to sign the bill, to the nine families of victims. She also faced many challenges as Governor. A lot of people opposed of the daughter of an immigrant, to be the governor of their state. Although a lot of people gave her a hard time, she still kept her strength and carried on.

On November 23, 2016 Nikki Haley was appointed by President Donald Trump as the United States ambassador to the United nations. She was sworn in on January 25, 2017. When President Trump appointed her, he said, “Governor Haley has proven to track record of bringing people together regardless of background or party affiliation to move critical policies forward for the better of her state and our country” Nikki Haley accomplished a lot of different things while serving in the United Nations. She “kept the international community attuned to threats from Russia, Iran, and North Korea”. She also is responsible for getting Russia and China on board for sanctions on North Korea.

Nikki Haley Was always a fan of the state of Israel. When she was appointed as US ambassador to the un, she took this opportunity to show her support of Israel. She was always bothered by Terrorism in Israel. She told the public that Hamas killed hundreds of Israeli civilians and injured over thousands. When Gaza launched over four-hundred rockets she had a lot to say. In a speech given she asked,” Is hatred so strong towards Israel that you’ll defend a terrorist organization?”. She also believes that the UN is always looking for ways to bully Israel. She commented that on the average day, the UN votes against Israel one hundred twenty times! She thinks that the United Nations actually accept terrorism against Israel. When it came to Israel's relations, though many view Nikki Haley as an amazing woman and admire her, there are those who oppose her. Saeb Erekat a palestinian negotiator told her that she should just “Shut up already!”. People have told her that she cannot hide and they will find her and kill her. After that more security was definitely needed around her.

Not only did Ambassador Haley show support for Israel while she was in the united nations, but also in many other places. She has been to the AIPAC conference a number of times. This past year she was the speaker who got the loudest applause according to RAbbi Yaakov GLasser. Haley also visited Israel in 2017. She went to the Golan heights, Yad vashem, the Kerem crossing and toured tel aviv. She also met defense minister Lieberman and the family of Hadar Goldin. “If there's anything I have no patience for is bullies, and the UN was being a bully to Israel, because they could,” she told officials during her stay.

On october 9, 2019 Nikki Haley announces she will be leaving the UN. It was very unexpected and a big loss for America and Israel. She thanked President Trump for the experience but said that she did all she could and needs to give someone else a turn. Haley says she isn’t planning on running for President in 2020, she wants to support President Trump as much as she can. President Trump says that later he will offer her any job she wants in his administration as a thanks. She will be staying in New York until her son Nalin graduates high school.

Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, the senior advisor to the Us ambassador to Israel, is a close friend of my father. Rabbi Lightstone worked closely with Haley while she was UN ambassador. He offered me to send in a question, and he would make sure it was answered directly by Nikki Haley herself. I asked her why she was always so kind to the jewish people, and there state. What is the reason? She answered back, ”I support Israel because Israel is good for America in so many ways. We have shared values that must be protected and promoted. I also support Israel because it is the one and only homeland of the Jewish people who have suffered persecution in other lands for so many generations. In most situations, Israel is a very strong country that can stand up for itself. At the United Nations, however, Israel gets bullied a lot by other countries, and the rules of the United Nations make it hard for Israel to defend itself there.” There are many things that Nikki Haley teaches us. She is not a bystander, she is an upstander, she is not afraid to speak, even to powerful people. Nikki Haley is not afraid, of anything. Her courage, her motivation, and her attitude should be an inspiration to everyone around the world. 

01 August 2022
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