Ninga Revenge Game Review

Ninja revenge game is an android action game that has quite a good amount of nice things on it which tends to make the game to a more fantastic one as it also has a good number of hilarious factors within it together. The ninja revenge game is mostly an action game that is been described as a ninja fighting game which literally was programmed systematically in a standard way as a well portable game should be.

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The game also has a bit of mystifying things about it that personally got me breaking out the lines of thought on it, why you should be worried about a ninja action game of which we all know that mostly involves fighting with the enemies either with your sword or bare hands all in a place or walkthrough, and that’s actually the fact about the game, but there again the little difference about this game and other ninja games we all know is that ninja revenge game mostly involves fighting but the difference there is that the fighting aspect wasn’t in a way that you’ll need to swipe your swords against your enemies several times before they could die rather it just involves swiping your swords one at a time on them and immediately they’ll die off with it, so that’s just the little difference about the game and other aspects of Ninja games as the popular way they’re been known for on how the gameplay looks like. The game is also a walk through Game as you can only be able to walk along thereby killing and swiping your swords against the enemies who tries to invade you as well, So luckily you’ve got the much abilities and Powers to conquer them and do other Rightly things on the gameplay. ‘A real ninja does not slice fruits!’ Said by the game on it’s place of downloading looking at this aspect, what it really means is that the ninja doesn’t slides fruits as it kills the enemies, which when put together will only leave you to understand that the slicing part came all from the way the Ninja kills the enemies as it slices there heads off within a seconds of Getting towards them which didn’t made any difference like the way I said above generally. Among the features of the game it also has a simple perfect picture and also a Fast pace and simple control all within it as it’s likely to derive all the things in contrary to it’s negative aspect into a great one.

The Ninja revenge game is Currently available only on any Android platform, although a part of game users have not been able to reach out to it but the game version on iOS is still expected to debut within the future time. In the process of doing this and testing it as well. The game also shows that it is operating completely stable and without any technical difficulties so that users can experience the game seamlessly and perfectly. Ninja Revenge consumes less battery power but does not heat up the machine, and requires it’s users to use an Android 2.2 version and above Before playing or downloading the game to avoid any form of interruption.

The game is also a Minor game which really has the basic factors on it that tends to make the game look more of a fun one as a Minor game it is and there again the Minor aspect of a thing didn’t really came from the game aspect of how it’s been played but rather it seems to have come from the characters of the game generally as they were all looking little moving about and swiping swords as they fight and keep going on.

The Ninja revenge game was released on the October 30 2014 and looking at this date it actually shows that the game was released for a Long time now probably it was released for about 3 years ago but to tell you they’ve actually been doing good ever since the game was released both on the visibility aspect and the positive reviews and comments made by it’s users who’ve played the game, all were absolutely good and also encouraging to see as well all because of it’s standards so that Should tell you how fantastic and interesting the game really looks like. Talking about the visibility aspect, the visibility aspect of the game was quite good and looked so much encouraging to see as well cause that’s actually where most people get there first attraction from. So talking about the visibility aspect of the game right now the game has a maximum amount of 10 million downloads on play store and still counting too cause actually it’s a game that is generally accepted by all in most cases of it and very well in a fabulous way as well both the positive reviews and comments made by users who’ve played the game. Another good thing why I loved there about the game is that it’s also a fun active game and had less of negative reviews on the site where it was downloaded, so that’s just all about the game.

The ninja revenge game was developed and created by Divmob games which as well are the developers of other fantastic games like the zombie age 2 game, the legend summoners, and the panda jump game all sounded a lot good but differently from other games and basically they deal in the aspect of developing minor games just like the review I did yesterday looking at it will leave you to understand that there isn’t much of difference about the game compared to other simplistic combat gaming.

After the release of the game had some few features and factors that got added up to the game to become a more fantastic one like it actually is now. So here are the Newly features and factors that got added up to the game; They’ve improved the game balance, they’ve Improved the game performance. They’ve added Bigger rewards for Daily Hunters who play the game daily. They’ve updated the admob interstitial and lastly they’ve Fixed FC bug after IAP purchased and Added video ads. So as everything got fixed and newly features been added eventually I’m quite sure there’s a lot difference between the game and it really functions well now normally the way it should function with it’s Nice strategic gameplay as I’ll be reviewing it below too.


Speaking about the gameplay, the gameplay of Ninja revenge game is really a great fantastic one as it does most of many things on it which really tends to Make the game and it’s gameplay look so much fantastic when playing it and that’s actually a great thing to see cause it sure will add lots of fun to the game. There on the game, the gameplay actually involves fighting and mostly it’s also a game whereby you’d get to keep walking till you reach your destination or thereabout on the gameplay and not only about the walking of a thing. But while walking you’ll also have your swords as you will be using it to slice away the heads of the zombies and all other places in their body and also, doing it this way will actually make you walk faster than expected on the game cause you’ll need to be walking and slicing off their heads all done in a fantastic way.

The game is actually a game with almost the same characters and gameplay Like that of jet pack joy ride game, readily speaking this two games provides almost the same thing and as well carries the same type of features all over of within the gaming aspect but not really on the designs, so mostly it’s based on all About the gameplay and all other gaming fighting of it. The game characters will completely leave the moving part of the game to push them to the dance and dance arena on the screen. But do not be in a hurry because before your eyes there will be an endless journey with the dangers, which are more than the enemy of diversity and abundant possibilities.

The numbers range from bad bad guys, daggers to high-level of dangers that will kill you instantly. Beside that with each step on the length of the action, the speed of the player will be increasing gradually, which requires a very quick response from the Ninja guy.


Speaking about the graphics, the graphical aspect of Ninja revenge game is really a great one as the designs were all nice and looked so great. But all though the graphics isn’t really all that good because of some minor things which literally affected the game but there again that wasn’t a big case, the effects of it was too low and don’t think it can cause a high thing to the game. The environments of the game had it’s best colour and the developers did well over there to make it a bit dark as what the game entails which is the zombie aspect. All seems to be awesome and were permanently designed in a more significant way. Mainly, the good there about the game is the smooth creature designs. The creatures move fluidly and look good as a zombie. Also, The character models are good and the textures there aren’t that too blurry. The blood is very realistic as it splatters all around and staying there for the rest of the game. So generally the graphical content of the game is Nice but literally has it’s negative sides like I said so. So everything were quite normal and good.


Speaking about the sound, the sound of ninja revenge game is really a magnificent one as it plays very much in a standard way which is also why it followed the possible ways of how the game was developed and that seems to be a lot standard in the way it was created, so typically I’m a bit good with the sound. The music that plays at the beginning and ending part of the game was nice as that’s mostly the best part of what I liked, so generally I would say the negative aspect of the weren’t that much as it could be just few or less of it. The sound effects are really great and nice the sound sounded so realistic. the moans of the dieing and zombies of enemies are brilliantly designed. The soundtrack really isn’t all there but adds to the feel of the game. And The voice acting is moderate at best but can be forced and stiff at times which is why the best of it and all were quite impressive and looked so much better. So overall I’ll say the sounds of the game were nice literally.

07 July 2022

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