Novel Vs Movie (The Outsiders) 

The movie and the novel have a lot in common with each other. I personally like the novel more because it has more details. There similarities, but there are big differences between the novel and movie. The movie has missing parts and details that in the book explained more and made more sense the book also had more action. In the book there was also more gang violence throughout the book that I didn’t see throughout the movie. Overall I like them both, the movie stayed on main topic of the original story. I will be comparing and contrasting “The Outsiders” novel to the movie.

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The book and the movie are similar in some was they both focus on the original story. The plot was the same, the book and the movie have a clear theme. They both have the complete greaser gang Ponyboy, Sodapop, Darry, Dally,Two-big, and Steve, these characters are important to both story because they are family, that stick up for each other and down to fight when someone in there group is in danger. When ponyboy was getting drowned by the socs in the water foundation Johnny was ready to fight, and him fighting for Ponyboy leaded to death with Bob, when Johnny killed Bob they hid in a abandoned church, four day after they got a new hairstyle, lots of baloney sandwiches and Dally coming everyday to tell them that the coast is clear. Throughout the novel and movie there was many Scenarios of fights that happened between the greasers and socs that happen like that. There are many incidents in the movie and book that are the same, Johnny kills bob, Johnny and Ponyboy hid in an old church, the church catches on fire, Dally gets shot by the cops, Johnny dies and a couple more events.

Although there are similarities the book and the movie they are very different , there are many parts missing and just simply different, between the novel and movie. There were scenes that never happened in the movie like it did the book and there were also small details that wasn’t shown in the movie. The Novel has way more details than the movie. The movie is just really simple and roughly covers the whole story while the book give full complete details and a lot more action. In the book the character were described on way but in the movie they look totally different, like in the book Ponyboy had blonde hair but the movie his hair was black. The movie is extremely different in my opinion from the book.

In my opinion I liked the book better because there was more detail, action and information about the story. I could imagine the scenes in the novel because of the description of the book. I feel there was a lot of things that were missing in the movie that was in the original story. The movie wasn’t really that interesting like how the book was, the movie didn’t have a lot of action, detail, and information like the book gave.

31 August 2020

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