Google’s Job Search: Accessibility Of Service To The UK

Where Do We Go When We’re Looking For a Job

Do you pick up the closest newspaper and start circling help wanted blurbs in red ink? Do you head down to a government or local job board? Do you just ask friends and family, hoping they know someone who knows someone? Those options still have their benefits, but each and every year there are more postings found in one specific place.

Online job hunting services

When you’re looking for a job, you look online. Period. It’s a lot easier, not to mention inexpensive, to throw a job posting online than put an ad in the paper or take the time to hang up flyers around town. Sites like help prospective workers find employment, but Google made it even easier back in 2017 for US users.

Thanks to the intelligence of their algorithm, all you need to do is type ‘jobs’ into the Google search and voila, job postings in and around your area are available to peruse. You get the most relevant postings, you can save your job search options, and you can receive email alerts for jobs that were posted when you were not actively searching. It’s an incredibly useful job search tool and now it’s available in the UK.

As of July 2017, users across the United Kingdom were able to start taking advantage of the same Google job hunting feature that their American counterparts had access to a year ago. By consolidating job listings from a variety of sites, Google Jobs keeps everything on one page so you only have to scroll down instead of opening tab after tab. Users do still need to click through to the original posting, but at least this way all potential job opportunities are waiting for you in one place.

If you’re looking for salary information and reviews about the company you’d be applying for, Google Jobs has you cover. A key feature exclusive to Google’s job search function is the integration to of Google Maps. This gives you great estimate of the commute you’d have to take from how to the job’s location. It might not be something that’s incredibly important to many users, but it’s a nifty feature to keep in mind.

Other destinations like India and the US’s northern neighbour, Canada, have already had access to Google Jobs for some time. Now it’s the UK’s turn to up their job search game.

03 December 2019
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