Oprah Winfrey And Help With Abuse

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was born on the 29th January 1954 in a small city called Kosciusko in Mississippi, United States. Oprah is an actress, entrepreneur and an American T.V personality. Not only is Oprah a star, but she is also a role model and a hero that is recognised all over the world. Oprah’s childhood was considered a tough one. Never having an adult role model in her life or a permanent household. Although her childhood had a fair share of downs, Oprah has come out on the other end. Oprah is now one of the most well-known philanthropists and has become one of the richest women in the united states. A hero is a person that is admired for their courage, bravery, qualities, dedication and achievements. Here are just some of many reasons why Oprah is a true hero.

Oprah has many goals and missions. One of them was helping people who had been abused. After she went to Africa to spread the holiday spirit to kids. Oprah realised that her life was changing. She knew she needed to help children everywhere. The amount of charities Oprah has created that is helping lives is too many to list. The charity that supports her leadership academy is called ‘The Oprah Winfrey Operating Foundation’. In 2007 she opened a $40 million school in South Africa for disadvantaged girls. As Oprah says, ‘Helping others is the way we help ourselves’. Oprah became a very strong speaker against child abuse, receiving multiple awards for her honourable work. One of Oprah’s most well-known charity is ‘The Angels Network’. This charity got major publicity on Oprah’s talk show.

It has been newly announced that in 2020 Oprah will be going on her very own tour called the ‘Oprah 2020 Vision Tour’ During the tour, Oprah hopes to encourage the health and wellness of her very large fan base. Oprah intends to cover many areas that she is passionate about which ranges from healthy living to interviews with celebrities that have been by her side. Putting others first, she strives for everyone to come together and enjoy a healthier and more abundant life. As Oprah said “As I travel the country, my hope for this experience is to motivate others to let 2020 be the year of transformation and triumph. This is the year to move forward, let’s make it happen in 2020!” Neither Oprah’s fame or wealth gets in the way of her making a difference to others. The reward of putting smiles on people’s faces is what Oprah lives by to achieve every day.

Oprah and her boundless motivation is never-ending. Her realistic goals make others feel like they can do anything they put their mind to. By the guidance of her inspirational stories she believes you can accomplish your dreams. One thing Oprah always stands by is being real with her supporters and she lives by that. Giving unachievable advice is something Oprah vows to never do. Oprah is so raw to her viewers and not afraid to hide her true self and confronting past. Oprah shares many food goals, she kept it real with things that couldn’t be given up and stating that balance is key. Oprah continually makes sure to keep people aware of things happening around the world, allowing them to also help those in need.   

07 July 2022
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