Organ donation And Its Harmful Effects In The Society

It is the prevailing wellbeing issue of human creatures is the failure of organs. Transplantation of organs is a method in which placing healthy body organs to another individual who has failed his body organ functionally (KOSE 2015). Transplantation of the organs may be a valuable intercession and common in current medical practice. This study showed that well-educated individuals have adequate awareness and confidence to make decisions in organ donation. Decision making influenced by their perception, experiences, values, beliefs, and motivation. (Parsa et al. 2019). According to Martin (2019), “Organ transplantation is the best and frequently the only life-saving treatment for patients with end-stage organ failure” (p.1782). Moreover, it is a critical fragment within the health care setting all over the world, despite altruistic services the main aim of organ donation is to save the lives of the community and also improve the quality of life. (El-Shoubaki, Bener, and Al-Mosalamani 2006).

There are two types of donations, living donation, and deceased donation. It has been observed that organ donation is common in those people who have low financial status (Delmonico et al. 2015) . Organ donation practices influenced by social value, religiously and economically. The money-related burden may be borne by the people, families, and society without knowing the outcomes. (Mousavi 2006). Healthy donors exposed to, complications after surgery as, infection, allergic reactions, pain,  post-operative bleeding, blood clotting, hernia, delayed recovery and sometimes it worsens leads to death.  Recipients are also facing post-operative complications as donors moreover, rejection of body organs is common. In addition, They have been taking immunosuppressive drugs to minimize the risks for rejection but on the other hand, they are more prone to get infections. In the organ donation process, individuals, families, and society experienced physical, emotional, and psychological crises. In this situation, counseling and awareness are needed to motivate them. Organ donation can be after brain and cardiac death but according to standardized recommendation and readiness of the families. To overcome the deficiencies of organs it is vital to save the organs for needy people .this practice affected culturally and religiously. Few cultures and religions are in favor of organ donation but some are against this practice. Example for, a verse from the holy Quran (chapter 5, verse 32) states, “Whosoever saves the life of one person it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind” (Da Silva and Frontera 2015).

In another study, it is reported that most families of deceased one do not agree to donate their,s body organs because they did not know about the deceased wish, have deficient knowledge about disease or status of brain and cardiac death. Poor therapeutic communication between health professionals and families of affected individuals leads to a lack of trust so families having difficulty deciding about organ donation for needy people (Sque, Long, and Payne 2005).

In my point of view, organ donation is a noble practice in the health care setting for giving the life who have failed organs either from living or deceased donors after the willingness of the individuals and families. This can be achieved from a higher level of awareness among the society and through standardized recommendations without violating human rights. Workshops and seminars ought to be conducted at the community level. Through media, awareness should be given for saving lives. It needs to design policies at the government level to minimize the burden for individuals, families, and society.      

07 July 2022
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