Orwellian Society Today: Struggle Against the Anti-Utopian World

In our society we are being watched by everyone because of the usage of many new and sophisticated rules and laws and “FOR OUR SAFETY” but it is actually not for our safety because they are watching every movement and every word we speak. So the most important things that prove that we are living in an Orwellian society is the following: Telescreens, CCTV Cameras, Endless wars, Doublethink, Newspeak, and memory hole. To what extent we are living in an Orwellian society? What are telescreens and how they are affecting our daily lives and helping the government to spy on us?

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Telescreens are the main component in our daily lives because it is in our TV and our phones and in our computers, tablets/IPAD, and other devices that we are using every single day. The use of telescreens will allow the government to spy on your works and social life on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other social media applications. The governments will see your posts and your movement through the camera on your devices. To not be spied on in your daily life it is better to cover the camera with a plaster or a scotch. This like the devices is better not to be used as a spying device because we can’t live in a spying world with no freedom in our daily lives. Also, telescreens are used in Gorge Orwell’s 1984 Novel that indicates a camera in the Tv=Telescreen in the novel these telescreens are constantly brainwashing the people of the country as our daily news in all countries that send lies about what is happening also the exaggerate saying the news and other things to let the citizens not to go against the government on what it is doing to its population and ruining the life economically, thinking wise and in their daily lives. 

What are CCTV cameras and how the governments are spying on us using it? 

CCTV cameras are known to be the most and best surveillance cameras in the word they are used to spy on the movements that we do by walking, driving, speaking and giving us tickets for disobeying the law like speed tickets and other different tickets. These cameras are now used all over the globe which also proves that Orwell was right that we will be surveillance by the government as “BIG BROTHER” did in 1984 because they are still watching everyone’s moves secretly. The use of CCTV cameras will limit the freedom of expression and the freedom of movement from one place to another also it goes against the human rights because we don’t have the right to live a normal with no surveillance cameras we also don’t have the rights to have freedom of speech. 

These CCTV cameras took our life to another perspective with a totalitarian government that will stop immediately the rights of self-determination, also conquer the human species, and snot allowing us the citizens to live in a peaceful life in the world What are endless wars? The endless wars that are surrounding us in our daily lives are in the middle east Asia and Africa and other countries these wars for search for water fuel diamonds gold and other main things for healthy living life. These wars continuously never end because each country of the 237 countries in the world needs to expand and get stronger to control the world and take over it and to have the greater and biggest land. Throughout the history of the world countries of kingdoms that ruled the world in the past, these countries want to make the world under its hand to control and spread their power all over the globe.

This is a catastrophe because if each country wants to do will into a huge problem also in the novel 1984 Orwell spoked on constant wars between the continents and the change of the groups of countries that where against each other to a group that they were in it but know against it. Doublethink is also a major effect of the governments to its citizens because changing the words of the normal language like war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. These changes can affect the citizen’s thoughts about their freedom and peace and their strength because they are flipping the meanings of the words that mean the opposite as their new definition. 

They will use war and slavery and ignorance to remove your thoughts on what is happening in the country by brainwashing you and distracting you from what is happening now. Newspeak is a new language that is in our daily lives like abbreviations:” u, ASAP, TGIF, Thx and etc.…” this new language changed our life and also it helped us to lose the official language that we speak that is English and other languages. This language changed our thought but the government didn’t create it as what the novel has stated but we created it. But this also changed how we speak in our daily lives which also impacted in our jobs schools universities that lead us to lose our positions. 

The memory hole is destroying all memories from the past to make a new history for the country to show the leadership and the strength of the country. Also, another way is changing the perspective of the past history as the perspective of the government needs not the real history of the country. Using of shredders to ripping books and burning history books as the novel stated is another way of the memory holes. The use of destruction of the past history will make the citizens want to know their real past and history. What must be done is to take action about what is happening know and to know how to change the now to make a better and happier life to the population of the world. What is your action that will stop the dystopian world now?  

29 April 2022

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