Overview Of Features Of 'Fortnite' Video Game

Fortnite is a PvE game that drops 100 different players from around the region to battle it out and try to be the last one standing. The game has been in development for almost 8 years with the initial game mode being a tower defence based game where you find material to make guns and eventually battle zombies in different ways to make sure you keep your base safe.

The core mechanics in the game is the unique building aspect that help you defend you character. This type of building has never been put into games before which is why it has taken the world by storm. Another mechanic is the shooting this is different to other 3rd person BR games such as H1Z1 and PUBG these games allow you to go into first person whilst aiming down sights but in fortnite it is a fully 3rd person game.

The map was believed to resemble poland for a while about a year into the game but has changed that much throughout the years that its almost unrecognisable. The map has changed almost every 2 months this keeping the game fresh and making the older player what to come back to the game every season. There are points on the map called hot drops this is where loot spawns are increased and there are drones that fly around that you can shoot out of the sky and they will drop the higher tier loot.

The loot pool in fortnite is constantly changing as well making the game fresh and more fun for the casuals but also twisting up the style of play of the competitive scene. The looting tier system is different for fortnite as well they have different tiers for how good a certain gun is and how hard it is to find. The golden guns are the most powerful in the game but have a very minimal drop chance unless you are looting on of 7 or 8 supply drops per match them you get a 100% chance of getting one of the golden tier guns.

The competitive part of fortnite has never been seen before. They give away millions of dollars in prizes away per month and all of the tournaments are online so you can play whenever you want. Fortnite also help some people get cereas from streaming or playing in their competitive tournaments giving away $100,000,000 this summer alone. The fortnite world cup was the first of its kind millions of people signed in online to watch this massive toneyument where the 16 year old known as kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf blew away the competition and secured himself a $3,000,000 bag from the new your event only. This game had changed his life before he was sitting at around 200K subs on youtube and in the week following his win he had gained nearly a million subscribers. This makes him one of the richest eSports athletes in the world.

Fortnite never used to have a high skill cap though when the game first came out there was the rise of players that by today's standards are really bad. Players like TSM myth and ninja came up through the ranks as twitch streamer and brought not only fortnite to the mainstream but the streaming site twitch. Fortnite also has brought back clans like FaZe and Ghost that used to have pro CoD teams back to the mainstream as they made there own gaming teams also helping out young creators get their name out there like britain's own Kyle “mongraal” Jackson who has been on the bbc news twice because of his gaming abilities

There's not only fortnite made competitions there are also fan made tournaments and a fan favourite was DJ killer keemstars fortnite friday where 2 teams of 2 when into a public match and the team with the most kills wins this made player like Tfue cloakzy and many other big fortnite players. This was put to a stop by epic games when they started their own tournaments on a friday and it caused outrage in fans they would rather watch keems torn mime than a bug filled tournament by epic games.

Fortnite has a skin system where players can buy skins for there character and some of these skins that don't get released for a while get considered rare and can be resold on the internet for around $1000+ some of these skins are called. Recon expert, ghoul trooper, skull trooper, renegade raider and there are also promotions that they do with phone companies that give players a cool skin for buying a phone or graphics card some of these are called, galaxy, wonder, ikonik, reflex, stealth reflex, eon, blue team leader, blue striker, neo versa. To get any of these you can pay from $60 to $1000.

Fortnite has seasons and every season there is a different battle pass to work through and each one has has new things to buy and this usually costs around $10 to buy and you keep all of your unique rewards after the season ends.there is an option where by paying around $100 you can instantly buy the whole battle pass but this is considered sad in the community

Fortnite save the world is set in contemporary Earth, where the abrupt appearance of an overall tempest makes 98% of the total populace vanish, and zombie-like animals ascend to assault the rest of. In this game mode you can craft rare guns and people will pay money for these meaning if you get a craft schematic for a rare gun you can earn quite a bit of money off of it until some other people get it. But there are bad people who will be willing to scam for these guns and this resulted ion epic eventually removed the community tab which stunted the growth of the content creators who caught the scammer such as d7teh who gained 1 million subscribers buy scamming scammer on fortnite save the world.   

16 December 2021
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