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Overview Of The Brainstorm Techniques

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Ongoing through the indicated theory about brainstorming I understood that brainstorming is kind of a process which helps a person in injecting some various ideas about conceit on thinking about a thing. So generally, the ideas may build by your own thinking or when someone speaks to you and suggest something about it which were never used and let the result be positive or negative. When this brainstorming is combined in with the relation of negotiation as large number of people discuss their problems to get a solution moreover keep them in sync based on the prioritizing the contentions which needs to be solved.

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Delphi Technique: When working on project each group or team may attend some meeting to improve their project accuracy or to find if they are lacking anywhere to deliver the product. So as many people developers and testers and managers and leads will be attending those there will be lot of discussions between them and it would be impossible to note all the points that were spoke by each person. So, it would take long time also to note them and it takes time to summarize to come up with a perfect solution. To overcome this, I feel that, and I can tell that it’s a kind of technique which can be used to gather those information prior to the meetings itself while they are working and gathering those difficulties they face. When combined with negotiation as they are gathering info prior to the meetings within a fraternization which helps the time in the meetings taking less time to gather the main points effectively. So I feel it’s a good technique to use them when we are having some obstructions toward discussing large number of points prior to the meetings.

Brainstorming: This is technique where numerous ideas can be brought together to have solution to the quandary or thinking innovatively to push the project by coming up with new ideas which will be proposed by multiple people as each person functioning would be different in thinking capability. I feel that these techniques can make the shy people also speak in the meetings whether it may be useful or not useful, but it may be not used for now but when time comes the can use it. To penetrate this the managers and leads should keep the team members focused on that so that everyone gets a chance to speak and on adding extra idea to suggested idea. After the meeting is over we can summarize if any of the ideas may combine our own selves can merge them both get a solution according to the situation.

Nominal Group Technique: It is a technique where each member can inscribe their own ideas and collect them, so that the team lead, or manager may decide based on the voting who must work on which thing to make product effective. Basically, as I work in the IT environment I can say that some of the group peoples focus will be on thinking about the functionality and some may be good by technology wise. Based on this the work can be divide effectively to make the product deliverable instead of working on the same thing which also can resemble team effort.

11 February 2020

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