Paranormal Activity In The Hinsdale House

The Hinsdale House was found to be haunted in the 1800. Throughout the year’s people have lived in it an experienced other people living there too as spirits. Some family that lived there the Dandy’s they will come up later in the essay, but they actually had a priest from St. Bonaventure come in and preform and exorcism. The guy who bought it from the Dandy’s Daniel Klaes actually has fixed it up a bit and redid the roof and took bee hives out of the wall. Klaes said “the last owner was planning to burn it down and just sell the property but I wanted to save it’’.

So many things have happened in the Hinsdale house that’s what makes it so popular from how haunted it is and how many people have died at least on the property. There’s a girl name Mary and her bedroom is upstairs and she has a window in her room but just one window anyways spirits attract flies and the amount of flies by the window is crazing. Then there’s rumors about a little boy playing by the road when he ran into the road and got hit by a car. Another rumor was there’s this big tree and a little kid was playing on it when he accidentally fell and hung himself. There was a lot of deaths there but they don’t have all the records of them down but the house goes back to the 1800. A couple lived at the house in there 80’s and ended up dyeing but they died within 2 months apart from each other in 2010.

The owner of the house as of right know is Daniel Klaes. He has been interested in paranormal things for a while now, and when he heard about the Hinsdale house and how the owner Phil Dandy wanted to burn the house down and sell the property like that. Daniel wanted to buy it because he said that there’s still a lot of people still curious about the house. Daniel also said that ever since he bought the house he has seen so many people at the house walking around visiting it. He has a house tour opened to the public for them to see the house and the property. At every tour he has ghost hunters there to make it more experience and they tell stories about ghost and paranormal things that happened at the house. Daniel also said he wants to start telling stories that people have never heard before. No one knows the exact date or who built the house because it was built so long ago but it was built on 3830 McMahon Rd. Hinsdale, NY 14743. The Hinsdale house was built in the 1853. The family that lived in the house before Daniel was the Dandy’s and after they moved out in the 1970. After they moved they got a divorce and the wife of Phil Dandy came back and talked to the times Harold people about the house and what happened in it. They had a guy come in from St. Bonaventure and do multiple exorcism. The exorcism only worked for a little bit but then it stopped working so they moved.

The house became so haunted when so many people ended up dyeing and coming back and haunted the house. The spirts that live in the house can hurt you but they haven’t killed anyone. The spirts get really strong in certain places of the house and when the ghost hunters try and talk to them their always the worst in Mary’s bedroom. Some people claim that paranormal stuff isn’t real and but then there’s some people that think it’s real. The information of the Hinsdale house is true because they have things on camera and has pictures and people that lived there ends up have the same image of the same people. There’s a girl with long brown hair with a white dress on and there’s always singing in the woods that people hear. People also say they see reflection in the window or the mirrors and they see people in the rooms when they are sleeping. The house has so many websites and TV shows and has its own tours that I would say its real. Daniel Klaes also has paranormal people who come in and talk to the spirits and they get it on video and sometimes they get they spirts themselves on camera.

Usually big groups go and visit the house and sometime people reserve the house to have a part there or something. No one has gotten seriously injured and had to go to the hospital because a spirit hurt them. Some people that I know when they went there they were outside by the pond and herd noises in the woods and started running and tripped or twisted their ankle but the noises where animals. I also read that some people when there out having bonfires there they ear chanting in the woods also. No one has ever died visiting the house but the spirits in the house could make you possessed. No one I know has gotten possessed and I didn’t find any research on anyone that has gotten possessed but I think it’s possible.

The Hinsdale house is located on a native property like a battle field. To get to the house you have to drive up a rocky hill then take a sharp left and drive a little bit and its by itself so if you’re on the main road you cannot see the house. One of the most interesting things about the house is Mary’s room it has the strongest vibe with the spirits. In one of the shows they had they guy was sleeping in her room and the blankets got ripped off of him so he woke up and sat up and put his feet on the floor and someone grabbed his feet from under the bed and pulled him almost under the bed (paranormal show).

So many people go there to see all the different things that have happened and the marks on the walls and doors from the spirits (Daniel Kleas). The Hinsdale house is one of the most haunted houses in the state and if you are interested in paranormal and creepy things then I would go visit the house. And if you’re also interested in reading there are multiple books about this house but if you hate creepy and paranormal things I would say this isn’t for you.

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09 March 2021
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