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Paris - The City Of Dream

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Paris, France is a place of romance. When reading literature or watching movies – Paris, France is always a popular scene. It is a destination that people all over the world wish to travel. It is also known for the Eiffel Tower. They also have what is called the Lock Bridge that Officials have recently taken down the hand panels because the bridge was to heavy to hold its own weight. These different locations in Paris, France have made the city what it is today.

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Paris-France has had many rulers and different buildings have came because of the rulers. One for example is “When President Pompidou decreed the building of the arts centre in the place Beaubourg” (Richardson). When he had this it was just one act compared to many over the time of history. They also have the Eiffel Tower which was used during WWII as a radio tower and if Germany got to it, it was going to be destroyed. “The Louvre is the largest palace-in paris” (Richardson). The Louvre was Declared to be built by most all of the rulers of France. “It was the late 12th century that Philip 2- sometimes known as Philip Augustus- ordered the building of the first tower” (Richardson). This was just the beginning of the large palace. The original Louvre was just small and petite little castle.

The ruler Napoleon had continued to add on to the palace “Even Napoleon, the most brilliant of all parvenus, left his mark on the palace which is the monument to legitimacy. Modern Paris owes him the museum in the Louvre” (Richardson). Paris is actually centered in France. There is a river that flows right through the city. Where the elevation at the edge of Paris actually caused by the erosion from the river from years past. This elevated edge to Paris is now the city limits. Paris has a lot of trees surrounding the city which are called the “lungs” (Elkins). The city layout has been around since Paris, France was born. During the 3rd century the city had been attacked by barbarians and they decided to take some of the left side of the city that the bricks and things were burnt up so the Parisians decide to build a defense wall out of the old material in a way to conserve resources. The walls were constructed because of the barbarians so that they would have a better winning chance. “Over the centuries, as Paris expanded outward from the section of city, various walls were built to enclose parts of the city. After the Roman town on the Left Bank was sacked by barbarians in the third century CE, the fire-blackened stones were freighted across to the other section of city,where a defensive wall was constructed” (Elkins).

The climate of Paris is normally cold. The city is near the Gulf Stream and when the down seasons are around it is very cold when the wind is whipping. “In its location on the western side of Europe and in a plain relatively close to the sea, Paris benefits from the balmy influences of the Gulf Stream and has a fairly temperate climate. The weather can be very changeable, however, especially in the winter and spring, when the wind can be sharp and cold” (Elkins). The temperatures can be very very cold. Yet they can get very very warm being close to the ocean.

The food in Paris is a big thing it’s celebrated and all around the world. Well what makes the food so special. The thing about food is that it’s a reflection on you how you like it and the food and markets in Paris are the same way. The markets make the food the best. All of the produce in the markets of Paris is from France. The produce is local the butcher and fish sellers are always around. “A good french market has virtually everything one needs to prepare the of your choice: butchers, fishmongers, cheese vendors, produce farmers, producers of local specialties, such as hone and olive.” (Diggs). The way the dinners are served depends on the location. Well the dinners are 4 course meals they bring out fish then the meat then your bread and finally The end of the meals the high alcohol wines come out to help digest your food (Diggs). When the markets are open everyone gets daily groceries and the Parisians get food daily from the market so they don’t have to store food and it will always be fresh. The people in Paris normally live in a flat so the people can’t really store much in a one bedroom apartment.

11 February 2020

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