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People Should Be Seen As Equals To Each Other

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I suppose that is the greatest sin in life, is thinking that we are better than any other person by heritage, or ethnicity. People are not better than other people. We are all human beings unless there are extraterrestrials, in that case they will be taught our civil rights. We all have different qualities, and the thing we all have in common is that we cannot change what our ancestors did.

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What is something people want to prove with a movement, or when they protest, or rebel. They want something, whether it is proving a point or they want to make a difference in the world. They are for something. There are if we count the evolution theory, millions, and millions of years, and most of those years there have been people suppressed by others. The days that people were set free from their bondages, are the days that humanity needs to remember. The days that people in a hundred years will read about in their textbooks, and we will question how it happened.

President Eisenhower was correct when he said that you cannot change racism in the hearts of the nation with lawsuits, and laws. In ways the civil rights movement was successful. It banned the physical ban from everyday American lives. However, people do not let go of their believes, and since many people believed in superiority over others, it was hard to believe in that equality. As many people still struggle today in seeing that everyone is equal and no one is better than any other person. A little kid could get the same education as any other kid living in any state of America, legally nobody was allowed to put Jim Crow laws in any of the states of the U. S. People of color were able to sit on the same bus as everybody else. Taking the bus was not the only thing that they were able to do when the civil rights movement was over. They were able to use any public accommodations. The 14th and 15th amendment were added to the U. S. Constitution.

In the country that promotes freedom, there was little for people of color. Though, people still died, and important figures were assassinated. Like, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy, and others. They hoped to keep this as non-violent as possible. Through the bus boycott, marches that supported civil rights, and every time someone stood up against those who sought equality, they fought back harder, and not through violence, but through as non-violent ways as they could. Though, they were met with violence. Nobody is a second rate citizen, and changing that the law so they were able to get basic civil rights that everyone not deserves. They should have because they are humans.

18 May 2020

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