Performance Task in Media Information Literacy

El Musika is an app wherein people can listen to music, know more about music and interact with other people. This may be similar to other music apps that can download music, and can interact with your idols. The difference is, it is way more unique and easier than the other apps that people are using today. People nowadays are more into listening to music not only from their own country but also to different countries. Through this app language barrier will not be present, because this can translate over 7,097 languages all over the world. Its main target is to give an equivalent concept to the language that they want to listen. It helps them to understand the song they are listening. By this app it can translate not just one song from other language but all songs that are in different languages.

This app will not only translate words but people can also communicate people who are downloading this app. It can also connect with your favorite artists, download songs and it has free tutorial for those users who are new in the music industry. Since it is a mobile application, the app can be downloaded freely through android phones or even iOS.

El Musika is unique though it is somewhat similar to some applications that people know. Its features is to translate songs to be specific it is a translator to a song. It’s like users can change its language. Clicking on the sign in the application and it will change the language. It has a wide range of uses. It can also communicate people and interact with people’s favorite artists, download songs and a free tutorial to those who wants to learn more about music.

El Musika is not just for users who are musically inclined but also to those who wants to listen, learn and broad their knowledge about music. It is a free application to android and iOS. Users can download this freely and before exploring the application, users need to make its own username in order for them to log in and use the app. In order for the users to have more and search more genre of music, it needs to be updated. It needs to be updated for the app also needs improvement for new features of the application.

The advantages of this application is that aside of expanding the knowledge of music, it can also build friendship to the people. Now that it has been said that this application has the capability of communicating to other people it attain the confidence of the users. Being sociable to others and by sharing your own knowledge to other people can also have unity and the passion to music.

The limitations of this application are, the users cannot interact with their favorite artists without WiFi connection or you cannot use the application without connection. Also you cannot download new songs or translate songs without updating the application. All throughout, this is an internet dependent app. And lastly, it has a battery limit wherein if the battery of the user’s phone is about 15% this would notify the user that he/she cannot continue to interact and explore the application.

El Musika benefits are user would experience many unforgettable moment with their favorite artists. The user would also enhance their talents and some will be influenced to be a music lover. El Musika can also help the users boost their confidence in showing their talents and it is very easy to use.

13 January 2020
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