Personal Development Planning: A Research Paper

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In this competitive world, skills are inevitable for the need of human survival. One such important skill is employability skill. Usually employers from various backgrounds looking for various kinds of skills from the candidate who is looking for the job. Employability skills are much essential skills for the present generation. There are many essential qualities a graduate job seeker should have. The significance of employability skill is that the graduate will acquire the job easily than others. One should go through all the phases of this employability skill to learn the complete methodologies that is available in these employability skills. These are the transferable skills needed for an individual to change him as an “employee”. The significance on acquiring the employability skill is one can easily achieve his/her career goals without any flaw or any delay. Though it is a significant skill, many of the people around us are not acquiring this employability skill. It is consider to be one of the core skills one can deliver the rhetorical idea of any easy means of communication. Through these employability skills one can increase the strong work values along with competence in the work environment. The general expectation towards these employability skills is to enable the learning capacity of students towards this skill in large scale and it will definitely increase the chances for an individual to get into a job.

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Personal Analysis

This is one of the most important parts of this analysis and research. This part includes the personal analysis of individual employability skills that I possess. Here I would like to analyse the strength and weakness of my own profile. My strength in the means of employability skills includes strong communication skills and Leadership skills and my weakness zone is not yet identified professionally.

Strong Communication Skill

This skill is an adequate skill and essential one in which am expertise. A strong communication skill includes the quality of listening, speaking, and writing. This skill will exactly meet the expectations of the employer up to my belief since this skill should exactly interpret the thoughts of employees within an organization. The strong communication skill what am having can be useful for express the suggestions of employees within office premises.

Leadership Quality

This leadership quality is one of the biggest qualities and skills that one should have in order to shine in the field of business and also in the stream of management. This quality is completely a needful and one of the primary needs for any business administration personnel. This quality can be developed by reading lot of articles and books based on the leadership qualities. I have developed this quality by the same methodology what I have mentioned there.

Career I have Chosen

The stream in which I would like to present myself in the field of administration especially into human resource. I would like to be a “Human Resource Manager”. As a human resource manager I can utilise the source what I am expertise in. The skills which I already possess were strong communication skill and leadership quality. Using this skills I can work in an excellent manner in the role in which I prefer. Career path can be decide based on the skills we possess. In this case I have taken the correct decision and striving to be the best in my field using the employability skills which I have is the best part.

Four Employability Skills for Future

In this world of competition it is necessary for every individual to learn different employability skill. In this juncture I would like to identify four strongest employability skill that will help me to create big records in my domain. The four Employability skill that I already learnt are

  1. Communication skill’
  2. Teamwork
  3. Problem solving
  4. Analytical thinking

Leadership Skills

The above stated skills that I have developed and learnt were useful at various instances and at one point it will play a vital role in my work domain.’>5. How I developed these skills?

All the skills which I indicated here were learnt by me with the help of books and with heavy practice. But all these skills will not come into the practical life without heavy practice and wisdom but once we acquire this skills this will become our routine lifestyle.

Communication skill

I developed this skill by keeping on having regular language practice with fellow mates and also with few foreign friends. When talking with them about different topics I automatically got some exposure towards new words and new formats of language. So having proper friendship which can improve language skill will automatically leads to improvised communication skill.

Team Work

I have developed this teamwork through a series of time period. This also can’t be brought into oneself immediately but after a short time and also after a short regular period of time with my team. Teamwork doesn’t mean that it should be inside the working environment. Even if it occurs in your sports team if you work with the team spirit automatically the team work skill will develop. It is one of the finest skills that strongly develops the strong feeling of all individuals within a team that can bring big success to the team. So teamwork is much essential employability skill that paves way for a successful career.

Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking

Usually solving a problem and thinking in analytical form for any operational disaster will work out only for those who are exposure to such skills. In this juncture I would like to inform that I have learnt this beautiful art of problem solving using analytical thinking. Any internal and organizational problem can be rectified using the analytical thinking methodologies and its conventional methodologies also being used by me. For this working out of mathematical problems and working out of numerical aptitude problems and reasoning problems and puzzles will help out. I have learnt all these through various mobile applications and also studying through various case studies. Studying of case studies are very important as it taught us the past cases and the solution of how to tackle situations and solving problems. When it comes to organizational problems it will become very easy for anyone to acquire those skills.

Leadership skill

As far as the leadership skill concern I have keen ideas and implementation methods. I have been reading many articles about leadership qualities. A good leader not only leads the organization in the right path but also in a good way where the employees of the organization should be happy. Many of our ancestors are leading many international business successfully inside and outside the country using this leadership skill.

Skills that May Develop in Future

Negotiation Skills

This skill is much emerging one that will reach next step in the mere future. This skill is going to be booming one in the industrial area and in the core business area. This negotiation skill is going to be the future and learning of this skill will be useful for managers of all streams and those who are working in the stream of marketing especially.


Now a days usage of calculator for even a small value and calculation has becomes slightly increased but the thing is increase in the ability of numeracy can improve one individual in all fields and automatically his or her career graph can be noted very easily. So one has to give importance for the numeracy skill.

Active Listening

The habit of listening has become a skill now a days and the active listening has become a part of big business plan. People with good curiosity skill and active listening skill will become a good leader in future a latest survey says. So being an active listener is one of the emerging skills among the employees.


This skill took part in many of our daily life but conversion of those skills into the business platform and proving that creativity into a skill is one of the emerging skill and there is no doubt that this skill is going to emerge in future.

Threats and Opportunities in Employability Skill

Slowly and slowly the threat for the employability skill has increased and the way to prevent the threat created for skill is to encourage the employees and the upcoming graduates to concentrate on improving the skill from learning centres and also from individual experience from office environment. Opportunities are created everywhere and the proper resource usage should be there to control the threats and also to improve the opportunities for learning.

Development plan

There is a saying in English “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Instilling employability skill among the students and few employee is important and it should be implemented with a specific plan. Then only the exact plan towards the development of skills can be implemented.

Planning and Implementation of Skills for the job Seekers

There are some measures that can be implemented for the candidates to improve the skill. They are

  1. Estimation of time towards planning
  2. Required time to gather and use the resource
  3. Establish the results of the measure and milestones to be reached
  4. Logical arrangements and of tasks and monitoring the same.

Timeline for Employability Skills

For any kind of employability skill training we need to plan the timeline to complete the course. This part of the report is discussing the same. Let us keep that that the timeline to complete the employability skill be 2 months (60 days). Therefore 60 days of employability skill training can be divided into each 15 days of training. This plan excludes common holidays and weekends.

Role of Classroom Activities

The role of classrooms in engaging and in developing the employability skill among the students for their career success should be in a progressive way. Classroom is the place where the minds get ignited and it is a responsibility of the teacher to ignite the minds.’>The following ideas can be done in the classroom to develop the employability skills.

Group Activities

Group activities can be done in the following methods. Separation of classroom into groups is the first ever job of the instructor who is teaching the employability skill. Then assigning activities to each group on different topic or on the same topic and making the group members to actively participate in that activities. Gifting to the extraordinary students will be definitely helpful and it will motivate the students to take part in such activities. Through this way we can easily identify the extraordinary performer and it is useful for the students also to improve their skills before any campus recruitment happens.

Oral Presentation

This is one kind of way to implement the skill among the students. In this system a specific topic will be given to any of the students and they have to give the oral presentation on the topic given. Through this way the presentation skill of any individual ill automatically improve a bit at least. This oral presentation is nothing but presenting a topic through oral value and not through written. So the need for a great communication skill can be utilized here. This oral presentation includes the power point presentations and through video conference presentation also.

Guest Speakers

The importance of guest speakers comes here in this chapter. Inviting honourable and much needed corporate trainers and guest speakers should visit the campus frequently to give their valuable advice and a career path for the budding youngsters and future employees. This guest speakers not only should take teach the values but also they should engage the students in various ways of handling pressure and they need to tell the secret of success. This guest speakers can be from any background but their life time experience will become a lesson for the young skilled people.

Challenges for Learning Employability Skills

Challenges are always waiting for us in any stream and without the term challenge no learning can be fulfilled. Challenges will come and go and it is the best way to improvise any skill and it will automatically boost us to the success.’>Here I am going to discuss various challenges during the skill learning.

Employability skills can be learnt easily once if we are familiar with different languages and especially wide range of language that most of the world population knows. In this case English is the most important language for anyone who can improve the skill. So learning English was bit challenging for me to get some exposure towards learning. Once I got some fluency in English then it became easy for me to start learning things easily. So language bearer should be removed.

Action plan failure is the failure of implementation of skills that we learn. Learning analytical skill and problem solving skill in a theoretical way is very easy and joyful and implementation of same in action is bit tough since many intruders will not allow you to complete the tasks. So make sure that action plan is fulfilled. Willingness is the most important threat or challenge in the skill development activity. Some people don’t give concentration to the willingness and automatically when willingness in learning goes down then the rate of employability learning also goes down. So we need to eradicate the willingness lacking during the learning process. In professional way due to job duplication inside the office one might be affected with challenges and one was not able to improve the skill lies inside.

Role of Employability Skills in the Career Success

The future world is going to have lot of young and talented minds rather than people who are studying in famous colleges. The work future can be decided only by the skills of an individual and not by the college degrees they have.

According to one of the surveys happened in the United states of America it is found that 93 % of people confessed that skills are very important than the college degrees where 78 % of people said that the college name and the degree that they have in very important than skills. But according to another survey stated that 65% of children of this generation will not get jobs unless they found the exact and suitable learning skill.

According to world economic forum in 2016 many leading occupations were created simply 5 or 10 years before and the development of such career stages were very fast. Career development and career success can be directly or indirectly proportional to the employability skill available with an individual. Without proper skills even if an individual who acquires a doctorate degree won’t help him in the career success whereas an individual who doesn’t have big degree but having required skills and be ready for the job industry can be shining in his or her own way.

Human resource managers of various top most companies have said that rather than degrees we prefer the real talents with the true team spirit who can lift the team in which he works to the next level. To identify such big talents the human resource manager and their team should work hard and it is an enthusiastic operation to be built for any of the companies for which they are working.

Appropriate skills should be developed by appropriate people and for example a carpenter or a furniture maker cannot improve the skill of greater communication skill as his profession greatly deals with negotiation skills. So proper definition of skill implementation also paves way for the proper development in career. As this employability skill also provides the multitasking working culture among the individuals.

The nature of multitasking in encouraging and the individual can be able to deal more than one skill or one task at a time. This will definitely impress the recruiters on various modes and this will bring the confidence within the recruiters for recruiting the individuals who possess multitasking talents. Prioritising the skills also plays an important role in the career development strategy and an individual who has all the required skills should prioritize the available skills. One cannot use one’s on talents like anything and prioritizing the talents should be there to keep the skills in control.


As we have discussed in the above research on various modes and in various aspects it is completely related with each and every individual that one should develop the employability skills on various topics and the career growth should be encouraged in any stream that depend on the individual. Employability skills not only brings success in the career development but also brings an individual attention in each and everyone’s life. It brings the art of Self Discipline that brings lot of good qualities inside a human being. Because of this skill we can even bring changes in our life and this change will be everlasting in one’s own life and also in professional life. Employability skills bring the maximum usage of time for any individual and the proximity usage of anything comes into the action. This is how the employability skills works. Many of the sought after skills in today’s world is this employability skill that includes various uncountable skills that will help a job seeker to find the job. In this research report we have also given the timeline and the working methodology to implement the employability skill in the job seeker’s market and in the classrooms also. Therefore it is seriously proved and it is a proven technique that “Employability Skills” are much needed skill for any individual who seriously needs a career growth.


01 February 2021

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