Placebo Effect: Crystal Therapy of Bloodstone and Carnelian Stones

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Bloodstone and Carnelian stone are both components of crystal therapy. It dates back to centuries ago when Egyptians and ancient healers used healing stones as some medical treatments for people with ailments, injuries or disorders. Healing stones have properties to help improve any type of sickness or syndrome, including cancers. Today, some cancer patients tend to choose healing stones or crystal therapy for a holistic approach rather than taking a modern medical route with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, etc. When a person goes to a crystal therapy session, the healer will place multiple stones along the patient’s central axis, starting at the forehead and trailing down the body. Healing experts say that the frequencies in the stones will match up with the frequencies in the patient’s body to enhance physical, spiritual, and emotional balance. This holistic approach believes cancer develops from repressing oneself, their creative power, and their energy. Cancer is a black, dark spot correlating to blocked energy that can only be fixed by stones, considering stones bring back the light into our bodies. Using healing stones for cancer treatment can expedite your recovery and forbid it from returning.

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Bloodstone and Carnelian stones have extraordinary healing properties that are believed to help heal liver and kidney cancers. Bloodstone is one of the most intense healing stones with legends dating back to the middle ages. The time when Bloodstone began dates back to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, that the blood from his wounds dripped down onto the dark green earth and turned to stone. This is the beginning of all the power the Bloodstone achieved for its healing powers. Ancient healers used the stone to shrink tumors. When Bloodstone is placed on the healing spots of the body also known as the chakras, it returns your lost spirit to your body and brings joy, happiness, and virtue. It can rebuild the mind, body, and spirit. Bloodstone boosts the immune system and can purify blood-rich organs including the blood, spleen, liver, kidneys, bladder, and intestines. The way a Bloodstone can treat tumors is through neutralization and elimination of toxins in the blood which is believed to shrink the tumor. Bloodstone can also help with wound healing through the regeneration and reconstruction of cells and tissues. All the power that Bloodstone contains is what makes people believe that Bloodstone can be a holistic treatment plan for cancers.

Carnelian stone has healing properties similar to Bloodstone. Carnelian stone has stories dating back to warriors wearing it to conquer and fight their enemies. It is known as the singer stone because it can boost courage and self-confidence when performing in front of people by bringing out playfulness and spontaneity. It attracts good luck, affluence, and well-being. In terms of health, Carnelian stone can purify the blood and improve circulation for a better supply of blood to the organs and tissues, stimulate metabolism, and balance body energy levels. It can help with the rapid mending in bones and ligaments, lumbar pain, and arthritis. Carnelian stone can alleviate kidney cancer pains and symptoms. When a Carnelian stone is placed on the lymph nodes or bladder, it will send healing vibrations and frequencies to the nephrons in the kidney to help relieve the unbearable kidney pains that pertain to kidney cancer. Carnelian stone is one type of pendant that should not be taken off because it is so helpful for the long-term energy and healing processes.

In combination, the Bloodstone and Carnelian stone is most effective at healing liver and kidney cancers. Both stones purify blood and circulation and can heal blood-rich organs like the kidneys and liver. With blood being pure and nontoxic, there should be no options for cancer cells to assemble and form a tumor. When the stones are worn together, they can shrink tumors and reduce pain and symptoms in the liver and kidney. Bloodstone and Carnelian stones cleanse negative energy and bring out an uplifted, exuberant bodily aura to increase an overall serenity in the person by continuously wearing and having around. Using these stones every day will be highly beneficial concerning long-term health.

People choose to do crystal therapy for a holistic approach to a medical ailment rather than a modern medical technique. There is no scientific evidence that crystals work in healing cancers or in causing increased overall well-being. Christopher French did a study at the University of London where he had a group of eighty random volunteers for an experiment. Of the eighty people, half were given real New Age healing stones and half were given fake stones, but they were not told which stone they were given. The volunteers were then explained what type of feelings or sensations they may experience while using the healing stones. The eighty people were to mediate with their stone for about five to ten minutes. After mediation, the group filled out a questionnaire, and based on the results, there was no reported difference between the two groups. People who participated, some in each group, had said they felt an increased in well-being while others in each group claimed to feel nothing. This study is one of the few experiments done to test whether healing stones can show restorative properties.

Healing stones are a pseudoscience, they are a placebo effect for the people using them to boost hope, bliss, and optimism. The placebo effect takes place when someone uses or has a crystal around them, they believe it helps them relieve pain symptoms or cleanse their energy, but in reality, there is no scientific evidence that it works based on medical purposes. Placebos can be associated with improved pain symptoms, but not ineffective tumor response. There are no active ingredients in stones that could be tested in a lab for evidence that it works and scientific proof from conclusive results of healing stones come from nothing outside the placebo effect. Cancer patients read about others using healing stones to improve symptoms while getting medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy which in the end the person gets better or beats cancer, but they did not beat cancer due to the Bloodstones or Carnelian stones, they beat cancer due to the modern medical treatments the person has experienced. It is all in the power of suggestion. The power of suggestion is when a person reads something online and they anticipate experiencing something along with what they read and their mind deceives them into believing they are experiencing healing effects from stones. People grasping for holistic treatments want to believe stones can heal all on their own, but without getting medical treatments from doctors, their kidney or liver cancer can worsen and progress over time. People who want to use healing stones should only use them as a mood promotor or to feel better in combination with medical treatments.

Bloodstone and Carnelian stones are believed to be some of the most intense healing stones for kidney and liver cancers. This conception is believed by people due to the placebo effect, there is no medical benefit or cure that can come from using healing stones or crystals during crystal therapy specifically for shrinking tumors or treating cancer. The placebo effect from these stones causes more happiness, optimism, and favorable psychological responses in people using them. It is designed like a treatment option, but it is just affecting how the person perceives the symptoms, feeling less pain and increased well-being. Anyone who wants to use healing stones for treatment should seek other medical treatments. 

29 April 2022

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