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Plot Summary Of The Lost Hero By Rick Riordan

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The book starts off with Jason, Leo, and Piper (the main characters) on a bus taking them on a field trip to the Grand Canyon. Jason doesn’t remember anything before then, so the three friends now believe that Jason has amnesia. Things then get worse and worse, with one of their classmates named Dylan turns out to be a storm spirit tasked with killing the three of them, their coach Gleeson Hedge being a satyr, and Jason and Piper falling off the skywalk and almost dying before Jason learns that he can fly. He also discovers that he has a gold coin that can turn into a gold sword and/or lance, which he then kills most of the storm spirits with. Before the spirits leave, they take Coach Hedge. Annabeth from Camp Half-Blood then arrives, who says she’s looking for Percy Jackson. After being disappointed with not finding him, she decides to take the trio back with her to the camp.

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Once they get there, they soon find out that they have godly parents which gives them magical powers, with Piper being a daughter of Aphrodite and having the ability to charmspeak people into doing what she wants them to do, Leo as a son of Hephaestus with the ability to control fire, and lastly with Jason being a son of Jupiter, with the ability to control lightning. They’re afraid to use their powers though, as Leo having believed that he burned down a machine shop with his mom inside, killing her. Piper has dreams of the giant Enceladus with her dad the actor Tristan McLean, threatening to eat him if she doesn’t betray her friends. Jason even though he has amnesia, sees a picture that tells him that Thalia Grace (who is currently out of camp with the Hunters of Artemis) is his sister. After a couple prophecies delivered by Rachel Dare, the camp’s Oracle, they learn that they must go on a quest to save Hera, who is being held as prisoner. After Leo manages to fix a somewhat broken and malfunctioning bronze robotic dragon in the forest which he names Festus, they fly off to begin the quest. Along the way, they encounter Cyclopes, Wolves, King Midas, Medea and Boreas as they travel across North America. Eventually they also find and rescue Coach Hedge and a cage full of the storm spirits from earlier, and Festus the dragon gets shot out of the sky and dies. They also figure out that the person behind Hera’s kidnapping and all the monsters coming back to life is Gaea, the Earth Mother, who is waking up and planning to use Hera’s magic to resurrect Porphyrion, the King of The Giants. Piper decides she won’t betray Leo and Jason, and decides to tell them that her dad has been captured. They also finally meet Thalia and the Hunters of Artemis, who agree on a plan to have The Hunters try and delay Porphyrion from awakening while Leo, Jason, and Piper go to stop Enceladus. After being obliterated with a lightning bolt from Jason, They all head over to stop Gaea, but not before Piper gives her dad a potion that removes the memories that he had made while captured, as the knowledge of gods and monsters was driving him insane.

After a battle between Gaea’s forces and Jason, Leo, Piper, and the Hunters, they manage to put Gaea back to sleep (for now) and free Hera from her prison, even though Porphyrion did manage to escape. After they return to Camp Half-Blood, Leo begins working on a flying airship that has a figurehead made from Festus’ severed head, and everyone figures out that Jason comes from another group of demigods that are children of the gods’ Roman forms, that have their own camp. And then they also make the realization that Percy Jackson must have been sent over to the Roman camp with amnesia, as they were supposed to bond the 2 camps together, as they have a history of killing each other.

18 March 2020

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