Positive Value In Movie ‘Big Hero 6’

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One of the most popular movie for both kids and also adults to enjoy in 2014 which is 3D computer-animated superhero film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios is called Big Hero 6. Many people like to watch this movie and this movie grossing 500 million USD worldwide. Apart from that, Big Hero 6 also teaches us a few lessons that we all need to learn and reminded. This movie is packed with adventure and we can see some positive value in this film.

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Firstly, the most significant positive value that this movie taught us is the power of sibling love. In this movie, we can see that Tadashi Hamada is a good older brother for Hiro Hamada. Tadashi Hamada always encourages Hiro to put a good use his intelligence than just joining a robot fight. He also encourages Hiro to enter the college by showing him the view inside of San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. Tadashi tried to make Hiro to look things from a new angle and make him believe that he can get into that institute because of his brilliant mind and tried to protect Hiro from doing bad things. Tadashi Hamada is also one of the greatest characters in this movie that can shows how important family relationship in our life.

Secondly, we also can see that this movie show how important friendship is in our life. We also can see that Tadashi Hamada had some really amazing friends in his life. Even after Tadashi death they are willing to look out for his youngest brother. They cheered Hiro from depression, unmotivated and unable to carry on normal life. Besides, they also helped Hiro to get into San Fransokyo Institute of Technology to learn about technology. They want Hiro to know that they are his friends and that they will stand and support with him no matter what is the problem. This shows that this Big Hero 6 movie has a positive value about having a lot of friends.

Thirdly, this movie also shows that revenge can never solve anything. After finding out that Professor Callaghan was responsible for Tadashi’s death Hiro Hamada believes that destroying Callaghan will solve everything. Later, he realized that it is not what his older brother wanted. Hiro then accepts that Tadashi is gone because of Professor Callaghan doing and also Hiro forgive him for his action. This shows that how forgiving Hiro is and also encourage us to forgive other.

Fourthly, one of the positive values that we can find in this movie is by using English idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover”. We can see that this movie start off with Hiro entering a robot battle and try to challenges the top fighter. Hiro deliberately lost in the first match then he asks for a rematch with the champion. During the rematch, Hiro’s robot easily defeats his opponent. His opponents underestimate Hiro because of his robot innocence look. From this scene, we can take a lesson that we can’t let looks hold us back from valuing others people. We should not see other people by how they look but for who they truly are.

Fifthly, we can see that this film has a positive value that we can do anything if we believe in ourselves. One day, Tadashi brought his younger brother Hiro to San Fransokyo’s Institute of Technology for a trip. This trip made Hiro Hamada wanting to be part of robotics department in San Fransokyo’s Institute of Technology. Tadashi encouraged Hiro to create, learn and make amazing things by making him submit his creation at their annual expo. Then, Hiro Hamada tried to make something unique to show to other people. He never gave up even when he met with frustration and obstacles. After a few days, Hiro succeeded creating a microbot. His creation called microbot successfully wowed everyone at the expo because Hiro believed and confident in what he created.

Next, this movie also shows that we need to be brave to take a risk so that we can accomplish goal. When Hiro Hamada was competing with a lot of people in science competition he was so nervous. But, he needed to win this competition so that he can get a place to study at San Fransokyo’s Institute of Technology. Tadashi encouraged Hiro to relax so that he can continue his presentation. After a few seconds, Hiro take a breath then continue doing his presentation successfully.

Apart from that, this movie also encouraged us to show compassion to other people. A robot called Baymax was not be able to power down until Hiro Hamada said that he was satisfied with his care. Michael O’Sullivan (2014), Washington Post, said that: “. . . the real appeal of “Big Hero 6” isn’t its action. It’s the central character’s heart. That may sound strange, to talk about a movie that’s built around a robot in that way, but Baymax — like WALL-E and other amiable automatons — ultimately wins the day, not by overriding his inner Florence Nightingale, but by harnessing it. ”Baymax had a chip programmed to give health care needs made by Tadashi Hamada inside him so that Baymax can function very well. Besides, even though Baymax is a robot we can see that he always work to care for other peoples and have compassion on them. He never gave up caring for Hiro Hamada until his job was complete. This shows that even a robot have a compassion for other, then as a human we also need to have this positive value in ourselves.

Besides, this film also encouraged the viewer to always think outside of the box. We can see that in this film Hiro Hamada need to think outside of the box to capture the villain that has killed his older brother. He needed to think quickly and have to come up with a great idea to fight this villain. Finally, Hiro creative thinking was able to made superhero gear for his friends and create a team to fight the villain. So, thinking outside of the box can really create a positive outcome that we wanted.

18 May 2020

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