Positives And Negatives Of Pride

Pride is a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. Most individuals strive to take pride in something, whether it is product they own or even a business that they are a part of. The word pride can be used in either a good or bad way. Pride in a positive way is when a person is proud of something that they achieved. A person might take pride in the amount of effort or hard work that they put in to beat the opposing team after the rugged game is over. Pride in a bad sense could be when a person has too much of it, and it leads them to lack respect for others. Someone with too much pride could be described as arrogant or overconfident.

When a person has pride in something, it will most of the time make them go to extreme lengths regardless of the path that it takes them. Pride is a very strong feeling that can drive people to do things that they normally would not and get them out of their comfort zone. Without pride, one is most likely to settle for a more calm, or mediocre life. When someone does not have pride, there is not nearly as much motivation to get the goals or job that you want completed done. In society today, many people value themselves on how much pride they have, or how much they have accomplished compared to everyone else. Although this may be a good thing considering all that one has acquired, many times too often those people let their family or friends suffer because that individual can be too scared or will become offended if they let their amount of pride go, or decrease.

Pride is mainly gained through positive approval received from others and is associated with success and satisfaction. Feelings of pride serve to enhance an individual’s self-concept. When pride is at stake, individuals are motivated to work longer and harder to achieve their goals and success. Pride serves individuals and groups positively, however, experienced pride may lead individuals to feel special and entitled. For example, in sports it can lead to participants cheating, engaging in violence, and selfishly taking advantage of others. Coaches can become controlling and abusive towards athletes as they seek success and improvement of their pride. Although pride may mostly seem like a negative thing that someone can have, there are also many positives to it as well. Pride can help to push out negativity in someone’s life, can increase the leadership that one shows, and finally it shows that that person ultimately cares about what they are doing or believe in as long as they remain humble while showing that pride.

10 October 2020
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