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Presentation Of My "Theory Of Reverse Truth"

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Theory is like our imagination. It was not yet existed but it was created. It was proposed by well known persons who are expert in a certain field .It was accepted by others but it was yet studying. Like students, we are bombarded on some theories that might help us to finish everything. For example, in Mathematics, we all know the principle of PEMDAS Rule which stands for Parentheses, Exponent, Multiplication and Division, Addition and Division. This principle is used to solve complex problems and even equation. For this moment, it is needed to create a political theory proposed by our own.

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Before that, let’s now observe the present state of the environment. As we see, we are dominated by technologies and other machineries which help us to do things easier. Aside from that, there is a hierarchy happens on the every country which results of having unequal treatment among individuals. Beside this observation, it sees that everything in this world seen a change. We cannot prevent this because we see that it is good for others and there is nothing harmed in implementing this concept.

There is a reason behind why these changes have risen for almost several times. First is the uniqueness of the human person. We have different perspective in different aspects. It makes us to be different and makes also to be as one rather than another. It represent that uniqueness bind us apart to create different worlds that are not literally exists. Second is Power. Some of the people want have a power to hold in make them higher than others. It feels them that something revolves on their hands and they can do anything because of power. Third is the system. As we observed, the implementation of some system is not yet already organized and instead of bringing the solution on the country. It makes the conflict more complex. Lastly, modernization. We are now in the present world were all the things are possible to make. Even impossible things are possible to create. There’s no reason to think about.

All things can be done of what we called technology. “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true: the other is to refuse to believe what is true”. This quote came from Soren Kienkengard states that being foolish depends on how a certain individual believe on the things it sees or hear. It neglects them to determine the reality and it tracks them towards the way of we called as absolute reality of life. I totally agree with his quote since nowadays, we are encountering some things that make us believe it was true for us but the other side is not the same of what we see. We are blind to see the reality because it was totally hidden.

In this part, I want to propose my own version of political theory. I can call it as “Theory of Reverse Truth”. In this theory, every reality must be in reverse form. What it means is that truth will change into something unreliable but it was considered as truth. It may be created by some but it will be accepted by many. For example, if the person states that some things have their own life. Many would believe with this concept because all people believed that all things have their own life even though the reality is not the same on the first statement. All things will turn into different perspectives and it will create confusion for others. At the same time, it will undergo on several process before the thing was considered as reality. But in this theory, many would believe that these things will be part of reality even though it has not any proofs which points them to real ones.

Another thing is opinions or even facts will be considered as real ones. Like I want I said, all things will be considered and no one should be eliminated. Everything is accepted and it doesn’t need to undergo on several process. Reality will be extended and there is no doubt happens within us because the minds of others will be settled and all things must be understandable. In this concept, everything is open. No one can be still hidden but the reality keeps it behind. It can be invaded but in the other side, it was totally secured.

This theory will benefit others because everything will be accepted, nothing is rejected. It will present equality and freedom to express themselves in other aspects. Everyone will be good and there is no bad effect seen on it, only a little piece. The good thing in this theory is it does not limit only what the naked eye see. It can believed as true because it was too close to truth. Even a person can deny anything but the thing it states was true.

18 May 2020

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