Presenting an Idea of How to Make the World a Better Place

I strongly believe that the topic that I am writing about in “How to make the world a better place?” essay is the one you should mostly focus on. The topic I am writing about is the environment, the environment is the main source of equilibrium in life and we are also part of it, but it’s going downhill faster and faster. I believe we need to put more of an effort into helping the environment instead of ruining it.

Ever since humans started causing an impact in the environment, our planet has been a mess. Lots of animal species are endangered, like the: Polar bear, the Adeline penguin, the Quiver tree,North Atlantic cod, Coral reefs, the Golden toad, and those are just a few. Alot of people say 1/4 of the planet’s species could go extinct by 2050 because of climate change. Also due to melting ice in the Arctic, polar bears may be gone from the planet as little as 100 years. I believe we can make at-least an effort to help save animals by protecting them and not just letting them die off.I know you must be wondering, why should I care about what a 10th grader has to say. Well I also understand that doing this can be very difficult to initiate, with need of money and a portion of people will have a different side to this issue, but we need to start fighting back, because animals are being forced to change their lives due to global warming, and most can’t even adapt to the changes, because the change is too quick. Here are some species that are having a hard time to adapt to these changes.

Here are some solutions on how to start making change.Solutions:Some sort of laws for littering: a fine people have to pay for littering in a park or natural habitat. More employment towards environmental issues: more people should be tasked to listen and respond to environmental issues. More garbage/recycling bins: more bins in a specific area where people litter quite often, so it’s easier to not litter. Make better solutions than greenhouse gases and fossil fuels: find greener ways to produce energy and use it more often than fossil fuels. Environmental events to encourage people to be helpful and do their part: monthly events at areas to clean and pick up litter or teach people on how to be more environmentally friendly.

Now these are just some examples of how to make the world a better place, starting from just one province. Please take my word for it, the younger generation cares that you make a difference in where we live. It will make our planet a better place, starting from a single province. I appreciate you for doing your best for leading us to handle the environment. 

11 February 2023
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