Pressures On A High School Student

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School has many sets and drawbacks. There are countless opinions from thousands of students about things they regret and what they loved about high school but pressures are upon the most antagonizing part of the four years served. By examining the academic, physical and emotional pressures it shall be seen that pressures on a high school student are unhealthy and can cause drastic damage. Academic pressures can take a toll on students. The heavy workload can cause students to stress and do poorly. A student may have two assignments worth 10% of their final mark in one week and having to focus on two at the same time may cause mediocre effort shown in both rather than proper work on one at a time. Therefore the student may flunk in both and due poorly on both subjects and may lead to so many other problems.

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Paying attention is a major pressure as well. Students who are more athletic and active are not used to sitting idle for long periods of time and listening. A rep league soccer player for an example may not be used to all the listening and may ponder off into their own world and do things off topic from the boredom. Therefore showing pressures are a big stress factor. Physical pressures are not one to forget at all. Physical pressures can change the habits of a students lifestyle for a long lasting time. One factor is sleep fluctuation. Sleep is a major key in academic success students must sleep to succeed in class. A student who has been working multiple hours into the night may have finished an assignment exceptionally well, although the assignment was near perfect the student will have no rest and will be unable to pay attention the next day in class as a result. Thus showing is a major physical pressures. Weight changes are also a big issue. Students as they get used to high school are regularly buying fast food everyday and getting used to staying in all day doing work rather than exercising. These ways of life can cause major effects like weight gain which can lead to many other issues like bullying and stress. Therefore showing physical pressures is one to not take as a small issue.

Although physical pressures is a key issue emotional pressures is one to look just as stressful. Emotional pressures can change a student’s perspective on school for a lifetime. Having to make new friends and study at the same time is a pain. Teens need time out of school to bond with friends and making that time is rather stressful due to boatloads of assignments and homework. Having to mix between the two damages one or the other leading to students either doing poorly academic wise or having to lose friends. Therefore showing having to manage both damages one or the other. Drama and fights is a essential factor as well. Having friends leads to drama and fights and stress from that causes students to slack off. A example may be a girl who has just had a major fight with her best friends and she has two assignments due on the same day. She will not be able to cope with both of those stresses and will either do the assignment extremely poorly or shall not do it at all. In other words showing emotional pressures are one to be concerned about.

By furthermore looking into the academic, physical and emotional pressures of school it shall be seen that pressures on a high school student are unhealthy and not good for the body. Academic pressures is stressful and causes stress, physical causes irreversible changes to life habits and lastly emotional pressures which are near deadly at sometimes. After examining these points is school a very wonderful place after all? Many students do not think so as all of them wish they could have gone back and done something they should not have.

15 July 2020

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