Principles Of Morality In The Modern World

In my eye, whether it is state, organization, enterprise or individual, we should respect the value of human life. There are hundreds of millions of people on the planet, but everyone is unique to the circle of their lives and cannot be duplicated. A person’s death will cause a painful or even indelible influence on a group of people. Life cannot be repeated. Life’s value and particularity are its value. If people use cost-benefit analysis where human life is part of the cost calculation, the society is full of cold-blooded, more terrible than primitive society.

I do think the infusion of moral language have changed the decision makers’ thinking. They don’t ignore people’s lives for their own good. They can realize that other people’s lives are as important as theirs. For instance, in an ore mining, the miner will try to be as safe as possible for his workers, not aware of the danger, but let them risk mining. At the same time, he will strengthen the safety factor of the mine and make more complete safety measures for the workers. This sense of morality and responsibility will permeate with his moral language and the whole society’s thoughts. From the MFQ, we can clearly see the difference between liberals and conservatives. As for “harm” and “fairness”, the score of liberals are higher than conservatives. Besides, as for “loyalty”, “authority” and “purity”, the score of liberals are lower than conservatives. These figures show that liberals are more interested in equality and want all things to be equal in society.

Meanwhile, the Conservative Party adhered to and insisted on loyalty and authority. Especially noteworthy is the persistent pursuit of purity by conservatives. This is their moral bottom line. The data prove that I will obey authority, remain loyal and remain pure, but my mind is not too conservative. I am gentle and kind-hearted, and have no harm to others. I advocate fairness, but I also know that there is no absolute fairness. In summary, I find that I am neither a typical liberal nor a typical conservative.

For people with different moral bases, the first way to get along with me is to have a moral bottom-line. Everyone is highly different in morality, but not all behaviors are tolerable. For example, he can be greedy and selfish, but if he betrays his country for the benefit, or has a clear anti-social personality, then the answer is simple, namely, the only way is to stay away. As the saying goes, “Do not attempt to work with people whose way is not your way”. Everyone wants to impose their own ideas on others. It’s hard to break in with different ideas, it’s inevitable to argue sooner or later, and the other person won’t notice what you’re giving.

Unfortunately, as students and employees, people get together not so much because they are congenial, but because they are geographically or professionally assigned to each other, which means that some people can’t escape even if you don’t like them. People with a higher bottom line are more likely to think about others and care more about their opinions, while those with a lower bottom line are more likely to think about their own convenience and not at all about other people’s feelings. They can say insulting words at will, and you can’t say them; they can make noise, destroy public health, and you can’t; they can be proud that they didn’t achieve their goals by playing tricks, and you just don’t mean what they did. In these cases, the first thing to do is to calm down, you cannot restrain the morality of others, you only need to manage their own behavior and thinking.

Secondly, discipline yourself according to your own moral requirements and guide your actions. Don’t give up easily because of the irony of others, since you may be different from them, and only you can decide what kind of person you want to be. In addition, you have to believe that what you have done will eventually be rewarded. Most of their happiness is based on satisfaction of superficial desire, and they do not know how to respect others. Society will eventually let them suffer. Last but not least, keep a tolerant heart, do not lower your moral standards and try not to care about them. They have been very miserable. After all these years, they still do not know how to play the role of “human”.

James Damore was a young employee of Google formerly. He was dismissed for writing a 10-page memo on suspicion of sexism, according to a large amount of online information. In his memo, he made it clear that the lack of women in the technology industry and leadership positions was at least partly due to biology rather than sexism. Therefore, he does not agree with the pluralism that Google has always advocated. Once his remarks were confirmed, he was dismissed by Google executives, and it was this that caused a great disturbance in public opinion. Some people think that his words and deeds are extremely disrespectful of women, and gender discrimination is obvious. Others thought that he had freedom of speech, and the company should not dismiss him without any business problems only because he held different views on certain issues. As far as I am concerned, I think what he said is reasonable.

For thousands of years, women have been housewives because of their relatively weak bodies and unique reproductive functions. Even in recent years, the slogan of advocating equality between men and women has become increasingly loud. Women still have a natural sense of responsibility and mission for their families, which is one of the reasons why women cannot go to the top of the workplace. On the other hand, there are differences in nurturing patterns and ideas between women and men from an early age, which may lead to the fact that most women are less capable of doing things and innovating than men. From an objective point of view, Google’s advocacy of gender diversity is only an ideal, after all, the company is mainly for-profit, he will choose a more capable person.

In recent years, feminism advocating “equality between men and women” has indeed neglected many objective factors in pursuit of absolute equality with men. In fact, women also have many advantages that men cannot surpass, we should rationally treat “equality between men and women”. Therefore, I do not think it is wrong for James Damore to have such a view. However, if I have similar views, I will not promote it. Freedom of speech is not absolute freedom. When people realize that he may be involved in sensitive topics, the best way is to keep them in mind. Everyone has his own values and opinions, but it does not mean that he can influence or even influence the mainstream views of others. Besides, I am not particularly satisfied with his refutation of his actions. He said he was autistic, so some words could not be expressed in a complete and accurate way. These mental illnesses should not be his outlet for sympathy and self-harm reduction. He should know what to say to which group of people, not send it to the company’s intranet to make it known. As an adult, you should be cool headed and sensible about the consequences of your actions.

11 February 2020
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