Programs That Cause Interference With College:No Child Left And Common Core

Do secondary school graduates feel as though their education was wasted. College students have a variety of issues, and some have differing issues that which separates them from a different group of students. A traditional student is a student that has the following characteristics dependent on others, tend to rely on financial aid from the government, and attends full-time at college. As we know, the department of education determines the laws behind the public-school system but there are two programs that cause interference with college and those are the No Child Left Behind program and Common Core program. Although traditional students struggle with the transition from high school to college, they can overcome this obstacle by trying to get out of the mindset of the public-school system and change educational laws.

The foundation of the public-school system is flawed because of government programs. The Common Core Program in the public-school system is a program that hinders diversity as the program warrants a base education where everyone has the same class and there is less elective due to this decision by the government. As a former public-school student that wanted to pursue a more specialized education for my career path, but I met a problem. The problem I encountered was the lack of attendance and students and this was because the classes required for Common Core were taking the place of more vocational classes and they disappeared over time leading to everyone taking the same classes The other program that has a more detrimental effect is the No Child Left Behind Act enacted by our government and it entails that a school receives additional funding if it shows growth from their students thus it warrants schools to basically cut corners and lower the requirements for the courses to receive more benefits. As a public-school student the lower spectrum of students dragged the rest down to ensure the school receives additional funds to allocate to sports programs or programs that garnered results or money. In my classes in high-school they had decade old reference materials and equipment and the more modern equipment was only for higher level classes and most of the school’s budget went into the sports facilities and programs.

There are many laws that limit the diversity of classes in education so we as a collective should vote for laws that allows more specialized classes and more direct funding to classes rather than the school. As a democratic nation we vote for representatives that uphold the values of specialized classes and vote for them to change the precedent from previous policymakers. We must make sure to not have incumbents for too long so that the policy changes with the people overtime rather than the politicians objective for a long period of time. Though colleges and select schools get financial benefits from sponsors the resources must be allocated in a way that supports the longevity of career focused education. As Gail O. Mellow, an author from The New York Times Magazine, points out “It is imperative that individuals, corporations and foundations spread their wealth and diversify where they donate their dollars.” (Mellow) where the responsibility as sponsors should monitor the logistics of the donation. Diversification with donation increases the chances that one institution uses it for more specialized education. Another way to combat educational policies is participate in local board of education elections. When voting for a member of the board of education we must keep in mind what is better for the future, so we need laws that can be amended and ratified.

Overall, the education given to our next generation is of lower quality than the current generation due to these policies. As we lower the bar for students to pass high school and they go on to college the status of colleges diminishes. It takes more than one person to change the future for all of us, so we must act for our occupations and goals. We must not lower standards to ensure equality in school we must challenge ourselves to be better learners. The more we degrade our education system the grimmer our future is due to the lack of diversity and the more narrow-minded individuals molded by our nation’s system.

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07 July 2022
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