Pros and Cons of a Shopping Mall

“Shop till you drop” is a common catchphrase used in the advertisement in order to charm us to shop more. Shopping is an action of browsing and purchasing items in exchange for money. Not only that, it is known to be a place where they gather different brands and eatery place with different background from all around the world in one establishment. To manufacture a mall, the man in charge must find an enormous and proper space to build it. In order to get this area, it is needed to clear most of the trees that surround the selected area. Nevertheless, the main question is “Should developers continue to build more shopping malls in the country?”. Due to the high number of malls existing around the country, the construction of shopping malls should be reduced. Apart from that, the increasing number of shopping complex may lead to bigger problems. Among the issue that commonly occur is the increasing number of traffic congestion towards shopping malls’ route. Other than that, it causes an escalation in deforestation in the country. Despite from all that, the development of shopping mall can somehow help in enhancing the country's economy.

First and foremost, the mall should not be built any longer in the country as it caused traffic congestion especially to all main route to shopping mall, in which worsen during school holiday, public holiday and even during festive season. Traffic congestion is a situation where the speed of the vehicle is slowed down and the time for the trip becomes longer than usual, in which it increases the number of vehicular queuing. According to Louis, Fender, and Renner “The smartphone in our pocket is the gateway to the world of brands. The online experience is easier, faster, and even ideal for the moments when you feel like interacting with others. It’s a way of life for those with disabilities or mobility struggles”. In short, based on what the author was saying is that why most people like to burden themselves when it comes to shopping when it can be done by using the mobile phone. It is just on the tip of the finger. Not only that, shopping online can be useful if you have a transportation problem or invalidity, with one click on the phone then you are ready to shop. Based on the point above, overcrowding transportation may cause issues to the residents who live nearby. Among it is sound pollution, where loud noises from the vehicles disturb the tranquillity of the residence. Besides that, the release of harmful smoke from vehicles can cause health problems to the pedestrian and residents. Vehicles that keep the engine running for a period of time, causes the gas to gather and release a larger harmful smoke to the air, which causes people to inhale the polluted air. This goes to show that with more shopping malls being built, it will only induce negative side effects to the citizen rather than positivity.

In addition to this, the construction of shopping mall may also lead to an even bigger side effect, like deforestation. Deforestation means the trees of the forest are to chop off and the land is used to build something. Syahirah suggests that “The relevant authorities should seriously consider building more recreational parks instead of shopping malls in the near future. It’s better to preserve the natural beauty of the land than destroying it to construct more buildings that are surplus to our requirement. Having more parks and recreational areas would encourage everyone to stay outside and enjoy the fresh air”. This statement highlighted the importance of preserving the forest and keeps its beauty for the upcoming generation to see. Back to the point stated above, deforestation could cause plenty of issues such as climate change and biodiversity. Which can be the reason for the increase in temperature and the loss of many animal species. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons to be considered before building any more shopping malls.

On the other hand, shopping mall has its own benefits. It can help in enhancing the economy of the country. Economy is known as the usage of goods and services of a country or region. Building more mall may increase the economy of the country as well as help to intensify the tourism economy as tourist love to visit a country with more attraction. A growing number of tourists will not only help to strengthen the country financial resource, but also making the country a top place to visit as developing more malls with a variety of entertainment can allure the locals and tourists to spend their money. Despite from this positivity, without being realized that it may destroy the world silently and deadly.

In conclusion, a mall is a great place to socialize where we can meet up with our friends, to relieve ourselves from stressful works and to spend time with our loved ones. In addition to that, the mall also has its beauty and advantages but at the same time, it is a place full of hidden agendas. The development of shopping complex helps to generate our country's economy and tourism industry however, its existence causes the road to become more congested, the air become more polluted, environment being disturbed with sound pollution and the trees become fewer every day. Therefore, the idea of building a shopping complex should not be suggested or be presented by the developers to any further extent. Ahmad stated that Malaysia has already had more than five hundred shopping malls and soon to be seven hundred malls within the end of 2019. As the amount of shopping malls increasing, it is safe to say that the idea of building more of these malls should be put on hold as we have reached the adequate number of it. Do not let the negligence of this generation cause the upcoming generation to miss out on the beauty and the freshness of the country. 

07 July 2022
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