Rabbit And His Disorder In Winnie The Pooh

The episode that I chose to watch for this assignment was Winnie the Pooh Shapes and Sizes. The character that I focused on was Rabbit.

To diagnose someone with OCD it requires them to have an obsession and/or compulsions which are time-consuming. They cause distress, impairment of work, social or other important functions.

According to DSM 5 Rabbit has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Some examples of the symptoms are repeating, ordering and arranging. Those with OCD repeat phrases or names several times to eliminate anxiety. They know that repeating things would not guard them against injury but they do so because if they do not reappear things then they fear they will be harmed. They also like to order and arrange things in a certain order or symmetrical fashion which helps to reduce discomfort.

Some of the things that Rabbit did that led me to my diagnosis where that Rabbit told Pooh that he needed different boxes to sort his vegetables on harvest day. This shows that Rabbit is very organized and likes things to be done a certain way. Throughout the episode Rabbit kept on repeating the he needs the boxes on harvest day bright and early. This shows that Rabbit likes to repeat things to make sure nothing bad happens and everything gets done. Rabbit told Pooh that when he plants the seeds he needs to be very careful with them. This shows that Rabbit is very obsessive of how things are supposed to be done. When it was time for harvest Rabbit went into his garden and started to freak out because it was not organized like he wanted it to be. This shows that Rabbit is very organized and likes things to be in order and when their not he freaks out about it. These actions showed that Rabbit is very organized and obsessive about the way things have to be sorted.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by unwanted repetitive thoughts, ideas or sensations that drive you to do something repetitively. The repetitive actions can interfere with daily activities and social interactions.

Obsessions are repetitive thoughts, ideas and sensations that cause upsetting emotions such as anxiety. Compulsions are repeated behaviors or acts that are driven by a person's feelings to respond to an obsession.

Having OCD can be an advantage and a disadvantage. One advantage that Rabbit can have from having OCD is being very organized and making sure that everything is where it is supposed to be. A disadvantaged that Rabbit can have from having OCD is obsessing over something to the point where it can cause him stress.

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16 August 2021
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