Racism, Chauvinism And Fascism As Result Of Slavery

In 1860,25 million people were enslaved worldwide. However, statistics made by 2018 say the import value of modern slavery ( in U.S.$) is 143.6 million per annum. Last statistics could not shock people, especially historians. The historians are shocked by the way how the definition of “slavery” is different in Ancient Rome and in the modern world. Historians claim that slaves in Ancient civilizations (mostly in Rome and Greece) were more equal to the youngest family member, however, in the 17th-18th centuries, it was one cruel practice that A. Lincoln stopped it on American civil war. Of course, there was a long process of enslaving when the government tried to compensate all losses and moral injuries to former slaves. Even so, during 3 centuries people used to have slaves and even whites lord baby was raised by the concept that colored skin person stays lower in the pyramid of life. This can be clearly seen in the days of Luther King and hear the thirst for equality in his speech “I have a dream”. This slavery has led us to racism, chauvinism and fascism and the main thing that it hasn’t end.

The first note about slavery was made in date back to the beginning of the third millennium B.C. on the territory in Mesopotamia. However, the trend on slavery started during Ancient Rome times. The main reasons for taking slaves were in wars for territory, after seizing the land appeared the question about: “ How we will fill the resources and show our wealth”. The answer was only one - slavery. The amount of slaves showed people’s wealth and status in society, even poorest Roman had one slave. Also, Ancient Rome society was ruled by the concept that the father of a family is a lord of a house, and he had a choice:

  1. To turn the newborn baby to the slave by not taking him on hand after birth (not taking the baby after birth was a sign to raise a child as a slave).
  2. If the family is poor, the father had an opportunity to sell his child as a slave. For that time this process was normal and totally legal.
  3. Lord of a house could sell his child 3 times to slavery.

So even if family members were free, at any time they could turn to slaves because of the total patriarchy. However, in nowadays, slavery is illegal in every part of the world. According to the IFC (international finance corporation world bank), 16 M (24.3%) are forced to do domestic work: 70% of them are women and girls. 18% are exploited to do construction, 15% manufacturing and 11.3% work in agriculture/ fishing.

Statistics clearly show that in 1860 when slavery officially counted as illegal practice 25 million people were enslaved, despite it turns to crime, the amount of people raised till 70 million and stable growth. All of these cases must be speaking up. For example the film “12 years a slave” very realistically shows the conditions in which modern slaves live. Steve McQueen filmed his work so historically close , and showed disbalance in the nation. Scenes of Afro-Americans who owned their lands in the south part showed that historically at that time not every person from black ethnicity was a slave. This made the film more realistic: it was awarded “ best writing adapted screenplay”. Even practice shows the cruelty of this topic that even cartoons as “ prince of Egypt” and “Sophie’s Misfortunes” could not gentle such a harsh topic. Director Pierre Morel has filmed one of his best trilogy called “ taken”. The film shows the system of how young girls are kidnaped in abroad by sex traffickers. According to the directors themselves, the reason for such a hot topic is not only caste fees but also the warning of all segments of the population as a clear and understandable example of the system.

1860 officially 25 million people were enslaved, however, after the slavering process named illegal, 2018 by statistics there is 70 million people are slaves. It is a huge and complex problem that the world must solve together. I could imagine that if we won’t end it, developing countries of the second and third world could disappear. In my point of view, slavery must be ended at 19 century because we live in a century of freedom, freedom of voice and liberty.

Summarizing all the above facts, I want to say that slavery was not a natural process around human beings , however, it has a long and harsh history. Even so, the culture of Ancient Rome made a base of patriarchy. The slavery process of the early 17th century led the world of the biggest problem of nowadays: understand that racism, chauvinism, and fascism. All of this comparison of skin, religion, and ethnicity inspired directors to film historically true stories to let people understand where does this problem started, and the past will always stay in the past.

16 December 2021
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