Racism In The Hate You Give

 The thug life stands for ‘the hate you give little infants fuck everyone’. Which refers to when somebody has to start off with nothing but ends up succeeding. Today thug life is being used for criminals and drugs, which is different from what 2pac was saying. Particularly in black hip-hop culture, thug life is to determined and irrepressible approach to succeed in life instead of racism. Also explains black people lose their lives, the hate they’ve remained given tacks us of us as a community. All everyone see is how black people express their anger form riots, murder, and robbery. The acronym was to describe how Starr will succeed despite her disadvantage of having dark skin.

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Starr family is closed to her in many ways. She lives in a neighborhood where you have to be closed to your family no matter what. Starr is jealous of because the closer relationship with Maya and Hailey. She feels that is she is excluded as far away a distance relationship, between her family. Her father name her because she was light skin in still of dark skin. Which means she feels that her skin makes her feel different from everyone else. She is also making relations and finding herself in the light in her dark skin to go through her hard times. Starr is best friends with Khalil. He was shot and killed by a white police officer during a traffic stop. His death become famous to the media and started protests against racism in the justice system. Starr felt so bad after his death because she missed everything they did together kissing, holding hands, ect. Seven is Starr half-brother. He’s very overprotective when it comes to Starr. He really don’t have a good relationship with his mother because she kicks him out the house for her boyfriend to stay. Seven and Starr have a good relationship. He’s very smart and got accepted to six colleges. He don’t want to go because he wants to be there for his family. Now Kenya is seven half-sister. Who Starr is very closed to. Starr always say she’s pretty to be a model with an excellent personality. Kenya found out that Starr is the witness in Khalil’s case, she tells her why she don’t speak up more and stop being ashamed of where you come from. Devante is the childhood from garden heights whose brother was killed in the celebration. He’s in gang member with the king Lords. He join the gang to sale drugs make money and help support his family. He helps Starr understand that gangs and drugs is what we do in the hood there aren’t any other choices. Starr also found out that Khalil wasn’t a gang member he just sold drugs.

You don’t have to be blood to be considered family, because at the ended of the day family with screw you over worse than a friend or enemy. Just because you blood don’t mean I have to talk to you or make sure you good. Being consider blood in family has more problems than being on the streets. They will talk about you behind your back, they act like there better than anyone in the family. So to me blood don’t mean nothing to me, its being truthful, honest and love.

Family to me means a whole lot of love, warmth, sharing memories, laughing. Family means everything to me it take it very serious.

Trayvon martin was seventeen unarmed African American killed by George Zimmerman in the park.it was a national over racial profiling and a role of an armed man who was a racist watchman. Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder on April 11, 2012, with other information to the world’s helpfulness that made the case even more highly charged. The trial began on June 24, 2013. There were all-female jury for this trial. On July 13, 2013 acquitted Zimmerman of murder, producing mostly peaceful protests in several American cities. Many people protect the death of the teenager. Like in the book Starr friend was killed by a white officer over a traffic stop. Both of them protest because of racial and being unarmed black.

White privilege whose many people describe as white in the world. White people under the same social, political, and government. Also cultural, with greater change of improving like buy a house, work every ever you want to, go where you want to and speak freely.one example is when the white cop killed this innocent boy and think he can get away with it. He thinks because he’s white he can do whatever he wants.

After the verdict they thought it wasn’t right. In the face of racism is finding your voice. She takes the microphone and tells her story. She feels that people have to understanding don’t be afraid to talk because people will listen. Also that her best friend’s was murdered for no reason. Thug life is a good example of this because look at our innocent kids getting killed because the color of their skin.

Never be afraid to talk, because if you don’t say anything it can continue to happen. She also became a symbol for her community. She wanted to fight against racism in our community. Just because our skin is different doesn’t mean you can treat us different. Starr loves 2pac so much she recognizes his voice and music he writes. Inequality in the community today still the same. Social inequality exist is a linked to racial inequality gender and wealth. Social workers can help promote and advantage social justice with micro, mezzo, and, macro in many ways. First micro can help with meetings, individuals, families, and group gathering. Mezzo develop small community, city districts. Also help counselling many people in communities. Macro is and a bigger help.it investigates the effects of citywide, state, and social problems. Also they work in the government, nonprofit organize to help people. They just interact with the problems they have. All three can help to stop racism in many communities.    

29 April 2022

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