Ramadan During Visiting Dubai in May

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 Dubai weather is on the rise and so is the excitement for summer vacations. But, the most important month for Muslims, Ramadan is also starting. Those who were planning in visiting Dubai in May would be coinciding with the most sacred month for Muslims. This also at times, makes people uncomfortable and they postpone their trips to after the month has finished. Well, Dubai is just as wonderful to visit during Ramadan as it is during the rest of the year. Plan your trip to Dubai without a worry about what is going to happen. Except for getting to go to the eateries during the daytime, everything is pretty much the same. You can find all the things to do in Dubai open during Ramadan just as you had planned.

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Just like on any other trip to Dubai, take your most modest clothes. Be it before or after and also during Ramadan modesty is highly valued. You can take your everyday jeans, dresses, and tops, with you. It does not require you to wear anything special like a headscarf or cover up as most Arab men and women do. Women can even let their hair down or style it as they want. There are no restrictions to that. They can also wear makeup and perfume during this time. Men also need to be dressed modestly and can wear daily life clothes without any hassle.

The best part about Ramadan in Dubai is that you get to experience the Muslim and Arab culture in all its glory. Fasting during Ramadan means you cannot eat from sunrise to sunset. This means you cannot find the majority of the eateries open at the time. Though at sunset which is called the iftar time, Muslims break their fast, you can find the top iftar places in Dubai. It would be an experience as most places are jam-packed at the time. Many Emiratis also invite tourists home to break a fast with them. Don’t be shy about it and accept the invitation. You will have an experience like no other. As a good guest do remember to get a box of dates for your hosts, they would love that. You don’t have to worry about hunger or thirst as there are a few places that you can visit during the day also. You can also stock up on food in your room and eat there in privacy. It would seem rude to eat in public. If you have little children, they will not be counted. Little children do not need to worry about eating in public.

You don’t also have to worry about the Dubai weather. Though it would feel like you would evaporate when you land there, it’s actually not that bad. During the summer months in Dubai, it is advised to stay indoors during the daytime. Everything from the airport to the taxi, to the metro, the malls, Dubai hotel apartments, is completely air-conditioned. You will never even know of the boiling temperatures outside. You can go shopping at Dubai Mall, have a go at the rides at the Sega Republic, shop till your heart desires. You can even after the sun sets visit all the open markets and the souks. There are many things to do in Dubai late at night. You can also visit all the restaurants and cafes at that time.

Ramadan does not hamper any of the fun activities for anyone. Be it the malls, the museums, and even the cinemas are all open. You won’t be able to get any popcorn during the day though. All the activities that you enjoy while eating count in your list of things to do in Dubai at night. Plan your trip to Dubai without worry during Ramadan and have an experience that would be like no other trip you plan throughout the year.  

24 May 2022

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