Reasons Onto Why Memes Are Popular

Memes are everywhere on the internet, spreading from person to person. There are many reasons onto why memes are popular. For instance, memes can be taglines or even pieces of media that represent imitation or emotion purposes. The Kermit meme selected here says, “In the human body there are 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single one,” giving people a relatable image of what is being represented (Donald).

The techniques used allow the meme to be relatable and humorous. It shows that the meme was efficiently put together by inputting an image of Kermit the Frog dramatically laughing in a way that would be seen as spiteful. The words used give off a humorous tension revealing the true emotions behind the meaning of this meme in particular. The meme selected used techniques such as an emotional appeal, over exaggeration, relatability, and a cocky style, tone, and voice.

When understanding the purpose of the Kermit meme we first notice exaggeration. The Meme selected here starts off in the first line saying, “In the human body there are 7 trillion nerves”, this is not only exaggerated but also expresses an image of how many nerves there really are in the body (Donald). While imagining the nerves mentioned in the first line, the reader can read onto the second line to truly feel the exaggeration revealed. The second line adds on with saying “and some people manage to get on every single one of them” without this add-on, the exaggeration is not revealed as much (Donald). This line is added to express the strong agitation shown by the person relating to this. The writer has to use key words that others can understand and relate to.

The person that wrote this meme uses key words such as “every single one” to show how strongly expressed and serious this meme is supposed to be (Donald). Exaggeration had to be used or the meme would not react the same to whoever is reading. The meme uses pathos to give an emotional appeal that comes out as sarcastic, cocky, and annoyed. Pathos is evident in this piece to persuade understanding with the reader’s emotions. The emotions are shown when it says, “and some people manage to get on every single one of them” (Donald).

The feeling of annoyance and relatability is conveyed while reading the sentence. A sense of sarcasm is applied profusely by the creator in the same sentence to make the readers sense the attitude in the format. The word choice chosen also builds the attitude by putting emphasis on words such as “manage” to give a stronger build of emotion. Also, while examining the image there is Kermit in a slightly blurred form hysterically laughing with a cocky expression. The cocky face given makes the audience vision dialogue of Kermit saying “why are you talking to me? Please just shut up.” The annoyance Kermit encounters is heavily felt. Kermit is widely known on the internet giving an advantage to be more relatable.

The commonly known frog is a childhood memory that can be reheard and reimaged at any point in the back of the mind. It’s easy to remember Kermit and keep his memories active due to him being a childhood memory. A general understanding happens when rethinking of past events Kermit experienced because there is a replay of his face and voice. One great advantage there is for Kermit is how all the memes he is put in are relatable to true emotions felt every day. One image of Kermit can be universally used into multiple other formats to express various emotions. Being able to fit in a huge range of emotions shows great importance to society and the people reading. The different emotions allow multigroup readers to express their opinions of how the meme selected here reflects off their own life experiences, making it relatable. We find the meme most relatable once we read “some people manage to get on every single one” because we can feel tension on the word “manage” (Donald). Being able to relate to a meme is important for understanding and explaining.

Analyzing memes is a good way for better understanding of what is being voiced in the world. There can be deep meaning memes or ones that are just funny. This meme is a good way to just laugh and express emotions of agitation and seriousness. Experiencing different memes will allow the mind to open up to a realization process that leads to comprehending situations differently. The world can be conveyed as another image because of others’ humor used in memes. Not only is it the way humor is conveyed but also the subject of the meme affects us in ways dealing with culture, fear, and daily interactions, etc. The subject of the meme selected here was to broaden people’s thoughts of just how annoying someone can be. Kermit gives us a better example of just how irritating people can be in our lives. Keep memes in mind to de-stress serious life problems.

03 December 2019
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