Reassessment of Race Relations in World War II: the Jim Crow Law

” It is necessary to learn Science, Geography, History, Algebra, and Geometry. A man should have a liberal education, whose intellect is a clear, cold, logical engine with all its parts of equal strength and in smooth working order, whose mind is stored with knowledge of fundamental truths of nature, and who has learned to respect others as him. Whether you take higher education but it is not required for the main thing. “It does not make men of us. It does not enable us to do our duty”.

Gandhiji agreed with the opinion of Modern Psychologists that early education has a great impact on later development. In early childhood, the children learn a lot from their parents. The impressions of parents are very useful in bringing up their children. There should be complete freedom in teaching methods. He wanted every individual should become independent during his or her education, and should learn some skills, which will lead them to find employment as soon as possible.

Gandhiji's concepts of education were very clear and known as Basic Education, which aims the following: Formation of good character, be an ideal citizen, have democratic ideas, Self Reliance, All round development, Complete Development, Character formation, Tolerance, Non-Violence, etc.

Gandhiji in Hind Swaraj has discussed Railways, Lawyers, Doctors and Industries, which altogether leads to education. To be something one should have to learn and get complete knowledge of that thing. Without getting a proper education, one cannot treat the other person accordingly.

The west is still the center of our world for we do have not the self-respect, the self-reliance, the self-sufficiency to center ourselves and so we condemn ourselves to remain on the periphery of someone else is center. For the colonial masters had stripped our collective identity of any intrinsic dignity by denigrating us as cowardly and passive people. Gandhi sought to reverse the damage to our collective psyche by his “redefinition of courage and effective resistance in terms of, or through non-violence”.

Hindi is our native language. But why our best thoughts are expressed in English; our best newspapers are printed in English; the proceedings of our government are held in English. By receiving English education, we have enslaved our nation. In addition, this is very true; many people in India themselves never talk in Hindi, even they do not know Hindi well. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, who never use to talk in English while he is traveling abroad, he always interacted with people in Hindi. Everyone should proudly talk in Hindi rather than being hesitant or feeling bad. Hindi is our native language. We should be proudly speaking this. It is said, there are always pros and cons to everything, English is also very helpful in our civilization, and people who received it will get profits and advantages to deal with the English people. Those who have studied English will have to teach morality to their progeny through their mother tongue and to teach another Indian language.

There are many valuable English books, that one should read. However, a person should read the Indian translation of an English book. India is only country that consists of many languages like Sanskrit, Arabic, Tamil, Persian, etc. Here, every state has its own language. Therefore, a person must know more than one language to keep connected and communicated to one another where as the native language should be Hindi. In order to maintain a close relationship between the two characters of the society. Gandhiji believed that English sometimes can be useful, but people should not inherit it all.

He was in favor of giving Moral and Religious Education in curricula of Schools and Colleges. Religious, that is ethical, education will occupy the first place. Every cultured Indian will know in addition to his own provincial language, if a Hindu, Sanskrit; if a Mahomedan, Arabic; if a Parsee, Persian; and all, Hindi. Some Hindus should know Arabic and Persian, some Mahomedans and Parsees, Sanskrit. This religious unity should be there. No more religious discrimination and ranking of the religion had to be done. We all are one, differentiated by name, color, caste, etc.

There should be no judgment of an institution by its building or anything but by quality of teachers, how they teach their students. According to Gandhiji, end of exploitation is for every individual to do his own work. Gandhiji remarked a teacher who always complaint of their student should take the responsibilities on their shoulders.

Gandhiji’s views are very clear on Modern Education. There should be proper timetable followed by a school, which consists of physical as well as mental development of a student.

Gandhi has been severely criticized as impractical, as someone who took out an impossible overdraft on human moral resources. However, this is to claim that human beings are not capable of a metanoia, a radical change of heart that can open up new perspectives, not just for individuals and groups, but for entire societies and whole cultures as well. We need organic intellectuals and transformative activists who can articulate and precipitate such a social movement. The cascading crises that our society and our world is experiencing only underlines more emphatically the need to find new ways of redefining ourselves and understanding our problems, before we can begin to respond to the situation.

Railways, which are useful for people to reach distance places in less time. Railway system connects different part of the country together. So it becomes easier for the people to be in connectivity with their loved one. Undoubtedly, railway is beneficial for our country but if we will not wake up in time then it will ruin. Everything has pros and corns, so railways also have some of disadvantages. Gandhiji use to travel from railways from one place to reach different countries to meet different people but he criticized the ideas of railways. He was not against railways but against speed and uncalled for movement of people from one part of the country to the others in search of work opportunities. There were many problems faced due to this system. Railways were used by the British to send their troops in every part of India from the one end t the other. Due to this they had complete grip over India. Railways spread communicable diseases bubonic plague, and increase in the frequency of famine. Holy places of India have become unholy, because before real devotees can reach there with great difficulties but now rouges visit them in order to practice their roguery. They destroyed local self-sufficiency in food and other basic need by transporting them to other parts of the country to help businesspersons make more profit and to the ports for export…. railways that we began to believe in Distinctions, and you are at liberty now to say that it is through the railways that we are beginning to abolish those distinctions.

Gandhi criticize two more professions of education that are legal profession of Lawyers and medical profession of Doctors which teaches immorality, it exposed to temptation from which few are saved.

Lawyers have enslaved India. Whether one can find it astonishing or not but it is true that lawyers have enslaved India. It is not like every lawyer is corrupt some are good as well but those who are unfaithful towards their profession are just playing with the people and it just left with money making process and nothing else.

If lawyers are doing well they should be appreciated and must bring them forward to other people as well because everyone should appreciate hard work of person. As lawyers are also men, and there is something good in every men. So if lawyer does something good must bring it forward, it will be found that the good is done by a men rather than a lawyer. This profession teaches immorality; it is exposed to temptation from which few are saved.

Sometimes men take up this profession to get wealthy and fool their clients. Lawyers duty is to find out the genuine and correct way argument and help their client with correct and best advise, rather giving them fake hopes and making money out of all this. If a lawyer is not able to do so, they will be considered to have degraded their profession. Moreover, men take up their profession not to help others but to enrich themselves. . Lazy people, in order to indulge in luxuries, take up such professions. This is a true statement.

Western writers have used very strong term regarding Lawyers and Doctors. One writer have said whole modern system to Upas Tree. Its branches are the profession which are parasited, including those law and medicine and over its trunk it is raised its axe of true religion. Immorality is the root of tree. Immorality, which decay every profession and every aspect of life. If once roots are damage then the fruits of that tree will be harmful for others. The English have certainly effecting every profession for holding us.  

29 April 2022
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