Reflection On Susan Pinker’S Secret To Living Longer

The video was very interesting and an eye-opener. I believe there is some truth to Pinker’s research. The secret to living longer might be a healthy social life such as; church, bridge club, and interacting with people. Another fact would be a new career after retirement if possible. Having people to engage with is important throughout life instead of being lonely or being categorized as an “introvert”.

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Happiness is very vital instead of seclusion, honestly this video makes me think differently on how I should live my life. I try my best to have a strong relationship with my family and friends. Sometimes I love to be alone and isolated, but I assume that is normal. It amazes me how islanders live longer, and that key reason is because they are not lonely. Healthy eating habits is important but it’s all about social interaction. Women live longer than me between six to seven years longer, however this research is not accurate on an island in the Mediterranean which goes against the norm. Pinker realized that these islanders did not allow solitude into their life’s. These people held parties and intermingled in a lively manner. As Pinker stated, “face to face contact releases a whole cascade of neurotransmitters. ” Neurotransmitters is like an injection, it shields you now and in the future. Making eye-contact, shaking some hand can increase your life tremendously it can lower your stress.

Another good point would be genetics, this explains why doctor office’s ask you about family medical history. For example, my Grandmother has glaucoma in her left eye. Throughout my life I’ve watched her go through many eye surgeries. As of now her left eye is gray and she still says she cannot really see that well through it. Majority of the time she wears sunglasses at home, she is 75 now but she has been dealing with it for many years. Now my uncle has a little glaucoma in his left eye. I find that very strange, but it is genetics I believe.

Moreover, having a great social life helps us to burn stress. We will diminish the cortisone level and off course that will lessen adrenaline levels. Another thing that could help would be to find a hobby in my opinion. I feel like everyone has something they are great at doing, for instance I enjoy going to the gym. Working out can reduce stress, and also make you happier. Exercising is a key into having a healthy life, it keeps us going and helps us live longer. Also, staying away from processed foods plays an important role in our life’s. Sometimes going to a fast food restaurant is so much easier instead of cooking a meal. This is definitely how I feel majority of the time, but honestly cooking saves money and is healthier. The older I get the more I’ve learned how to stay away from McDonald’s. Growing up that is something my sister and I ate frequently.

In conclusion, Pinker’s discoveries were really amazing. Her research is true and very accurate, I never would have thought face to face contact was so important. Also, face to face contact is the lowest amongst elderly people with dementia because they are social in their everyday life. This video is an eye-opener and I will take Pinker’s research into consideration.

18 May 2020

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