Reflection On The Film The Fault In Our Stars

‘The Fault in our Stars’ is a movie based on a novel (that shares the same name) written by John Green. The film was directed by Josh Boone and stars Shailene Woodley, who plays Hazel Grace Lancaster and Ansel Elgort, who portrays Augustus Waters, amongst many other supporting roles. Even though the movie is not a quote-for-quote adaption of the book, the stories plot, characters’ narratives and themes are shared throughout both mediums.

I have not known this drama to be widely associated as a philosophical movie but I have always believed this movie identifies and expresses a few of the most significant philosophical thoughts, such as, love, religion, consciousness and the meaning of life.

The film heavily revolves around Hazel and Gus who share a witty attitude towards life, teenage angst and an epic love! These teenagers have not had an average life journey so far and did not meet in the typical way a couple does. Hazel and Gus crossed paths at a support group for cancer patients, held in the basement of a church; establishing the theme of religion and faith.

Many people, especially those living with a terrible affliction, deliberate religion as a way of providing hope that the fate of their lives are resting in the figurative hands of a higher being. This is not the case for Hazel, Gus and their friend Isaac (also a cancer sufferer). They profess a much more philosophical way of explaining their predisposed fate the meaning of their lives. Hazel instead turns to a book as a way of trying to discover the answers to her biggest fear, hurting the people she will leave behind when oblivion occurs. I have since discovered that we are creatures that do not like change and losing someone in whatever capacity is the biggest change we go through. Therefore, it is inevitable we will be hurt but that should deter us from making new relationships, we should live our lives to the fullest, do what makes us happy and cherish those around us.

Experiencing any tough life lesson, particularly a terminal illness or/and death makes you truly examine life and it’s meaning to you whilst uncovering the little gold nuggets of life that may have otherwise been looked over.

‘The Fault in our stars’ truthfully helped me answer a question that I ponder all the time, does true love exist? I believe that true love does exist in many different forms. Whether it appears in a blood bond, friendship or romantic relationship. For me, this movie really highlights how strong the bond is parents and their children. Like Hazel’s parents, most parents feel so deeply for their kids, they feel their pain, joy and holds hope for them. Love has no limits, conditions and how love does not see with eyes but the heart.

This film is very raw and contains many upsetting scenes. The characters are inspirational, and this movie conveys a meaningful message. Since this movie has received rave reviews and been a big hit with audiences of many ages, more and more movies with similar messages have been released. I feel this is a good thing, if this movie does not romanticise illness, inspiring people and provoking them to view the good things in their life.

09 March 2021
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