Representation Of The Problems Of Contemporary Society In Ender's Game

The concepts and proposition put forward by an author present to the audience relevant problems which might be embedded in today’s society. Sci-fi novels occasionally portray our world as a dystopian environment within the future, emphasizing problems of contemporary society. These novels allow authors to voice their perspectives in addition to challenge understandings. Orson Scott Card’s novel, ‘Enders game’ demonstrates the troubles of isolation, manipulation, compassion and destruction. A majority of these issues are applicable to our society.

Whilst manipulation may negatively impact the individual manipulated, it may also bring a positive outcome for the greater good. In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, Ender is manipulated by the I.F so that he is able to defeat an alien threat and save the world. Card uses dialogue to illustrate this manipulation by the I.F. For instance, the line, “(Ender’s) even sweeter than he looks, but don’t worry we’ll purge that in a hurry” indicates that the I.F is attempting to control Ender by honing in on his aggression. The author uses dialogue in bold text which are two techniques used to show manipulation. The two I.Fs communicating shows that by manipulating Ender they will take him regardless. For instance, the line, “persuade him that he wants to come with us more than he wants to stay with her.” “How will you do that?” “I’ll lie to him” proves that by lying to Ender they shall achieve what they want and manipulate him to war. Card utilizes font changes to highlight conversations among the I.F concerning Ender. The line “(Ender’s) sister is our weak link. He really loves her,” is printed in darker bold font, denoting the importance of the conversation and subsequent power of the I.F over Ender's life. Similarly, Card uses repetition in the line “you made me do it, you tricked me into it!” The repeated word, ‘you’ emphasizes Ender's frustration towards the I.F for having manipulated him.

Isolation can hone self-reliance, strengthen and resolve. In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, Ender is left isolated since he was younger than the rest of the children and since he got taken away from his family. Card implements colloquial language to emphasize that by isolating Ender he would reach his potential. For instance, in the line, When he’s out there surrounded by the enemy fleet, there ain’t gonna be nobody to help him if he calls.” This displays that Ender feels isolated and colonel graff points out that it's so he can reach his full potential. In this stage of isolation, Ender faces Bonzo and defeats his attacker soundly. Ender shuts down and refuses to play by the rules in his final battle. This explains Ender’s isolation was something Graff and the I.F took advantage of. By using the contrary techniques, Card was able to develop persuasive sentences that show how Enders isolated without announcing he is isolated. In this case, Card is implementing repetition in the line “Listen up, scrunch face. You nobody. got that? You nobody got that?” This displays that at the end of the day Ender only has himself since everyone assumes he isn’t good enough because he is younger than the rest and by repeating the verbal abuse it shows us that the person speaking felt threatened by Ender's actions so they attempted to make him sense even greater isolated then he already is. 

Compassion and destruction is someone who shows kindness and empathy to others, but the act of kindness can be fake and cause destruction. Since Graff was his best friend and they’re friendship was filled with compassion when they set him up, then that causes Ender to lose trust in every one since they have all made him feel like they’re just trying to destroy his emotions. For example in the line, “But I’ll be watching you, more compassionately than you know, and when the time is right you’ll find that I’m your friend, and you are the soldier you want to be.” This describes that as Ender himself notes, his relationship with Bean very closely parallels what happened between Colonel Graff and Ender Even though this is an example of compassion and destruction it was all done to make Ender a better kid and to push him into becoming the boy to be a good soldier. Graff's compassion for Ender causes him to seek Valentine's help, and her compassion in part is what saves Ender when he despairs. Ender doesn’t hate Graff or Rackham for what they did to him because he realizes that they did what had to be done.

In conclusion, these main points relate to how people are treated in our society and I think manipulation was one of the main themes throughout the book that is used in our everyday life, anyone can be negatively impacted by manipulation. The government manipulated Ender through the monitor which socially isolated Ender, which told Ender endless lies to achieve what they wanted at the end. These events show the I.F cruelty and brutal treatment towards Ender and their manipulation must stop so people like Ender and other prodigies can make their own decisions for more growth and independence.  

16 December 2021
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