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Resilience In Adversity 

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Being resilient is defined as recovering from misfortune without giving up. It means to develop habits that help you to get back up onto your feet and adjust from tragedy or change without giving up. The movie Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse demonstrates the ideas of how resilient gets you through hardship and tribulation fairly easily. Individuals manage and overcome adversity through the process of being resilient.

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At the beginning of the film, when Miles finds out about his powers, he is clueless about how he should use them. He is told not to use them by the spider squad because whenever he does, his powers do more damage than good. But Peter Parker told Miles to keep fighting and informed him that, “No matter how many hits I take, I always find a way to get back up.” Positive thinking and constantly knowing how there is always room for improvement helps one get through this hardship. If one is constantly thinking about their failure repeatedly over and over again thinking it’ll help them solve it, is completely incorrect. Negative thoughts are bound to take control of somebody and have their emotions take control of their actions. Which can be stopped simply from just accepting and moving on from failure. At first, when Miles used his powers, he was just sticking to things and couldn’t help fight, and his resilience and persistence on practicing and trying to get better, he was able to get back up and become SpiderMan. But Miles was brought down by another major obstacle later on.

When Miles Uncle, Uncle Aaron, died right in front of Miles’ eyes, he was quite traumatized. The only reason Miles continued fighting and was resilient was that he was trying to fight through the pain. Uncles Aaron’s last words to Miles was “Keep going.” Which meant for Miles to not give up even when people tell you too. Grief and trauma hurt the people who are left behind because it makes them scared to try something again or something new for the first time. But was needed for the development of a hero because it inspires them to aid and help others. Being resilient guides one back up onto their feet and makes them turn this grief into hopefulness. And when one is surrounded by people who bring them down, being able to bounce back up can be utterly difficult.

The film Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse teaches us the importance of relying on others and their impact on helping us go through adversity. This film was based off of Spider heroes coming together to just to help Miles learn how to be a hero. They also taught him how he can use his despair to fight through the agony, catastrophe, and mishap. Relationships are the most important factors in building resilience. When one has people around them that truly care, they will stick by their side and help them go through adversity and grief. When adversity or stress is too overwhelming to a person, the only thing that can help them is the people they trust to comfort them and to find themselves back to who they are.

Miles Morales can overcome his obstacles and finally become Spider-Man because he never gave up. He was able to bounce back up from his failures. Resilience is a significant factor in how individuals cope with adversity. Miles can overcome his obstacles and finally become Spider-Man because he remained committed and never gave up. Manifesting positive thoughts, enduring severe pain and hardships, and developing meaningful relationships that further uplift your mindset all have resounding effects on battling with adversity. And are the factors that create and maintain resilience.

07 September 2020

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