Review On The Documentary "Hot Girls Wanted"

The porn industry is full of different emotions. A 2015 documentary, Hot Girls Wanted directed by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus tells us about the women who have been in the industry for ten years, the emotions that porn stars go through, and the inside facts about porn. Hot Girls Wanted targets four young women, who seek fame and fortune as porn models.

Many elements of Kairos can be found in this film. The purpose of the film is to show the amount of males who watch porn on a college campus. “I think that what I do is an outlet for something that’s already there. Supply and demand. That’s there because somebody wanted it.” (Ava Kelly, Hot Girls Wanted) Ava is saying that as long as people are still going to porn sites and viewing it, they will continue to make porn videos until the supply and demand wears out. It also shows us about the young women who choose to go into the porn industry, the abuse that they encounter, the many different struggles they go through, and the trauma they encounter for joining porn. “In the porn world, you’re just processed meat.” (Rachel Bernard, Hot Girls Wanted)Ethos is extremely strong in the movie. It all starts when twenty-five year old Jade gave her story at the beginning of the film. She was in her first porn when she was forced to throw up and then eat it off the floor, it was shared and viewed from all around the world. “It’s all over the world. You can see it anywhere.”(Bella Knox, Hot Girls Wanted) Also, all the stars who were interviewed in the film have been in the industry for almost ten years. A famous figure in the film, Riley 23 is an agent for Hussies. Hussies is an agency who spends their time looking for talented men and women, who are looking to begin their career in porn. “We’re more places than McDonald’s” (Ava Kelly, Hot Girls Wanted)

The amount of pathos in this film is unreal. Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus were targeting emotion in this film and they hit it right on the bullseye. One part in the film when Tressa, 19 is having a talk with her mother, the conversation begins to get very emotional because she talks about her father not having any clue they his daughter is a star in porn. While talking about that her mother then begins to start crying because of her disappointment in her daughter. There is also emotion about all of the porn stars wanting to quite doing porn. They all state that, “It is not as nice or easy as it seems in the actual films.” (Hot Girls Wanted 45:12)

The films gives a lot of good facts about porn, some not all think about. At 10:00 in Hot Girls Wanted they say that, “Each month more people visit porn sites then they visit Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter.” If you ask me, I think that is nothing but unreal. With all that being said Facebook and Twitter do not censure nudity on their websites. For Facebook you have to be at least fourteen years old to have an account, in order to view porn you have to be at least eighteen years old. So how much since does that make? “In 2014, abuse porn websites average over 60 million combined hits per month. More hits than,,, and” (Hot Girls Wanted 25:67)

Hot Girls Wanted really gave me a mix of emotions; shock, horror, and anger. Being a 2015 Emmy Award Nominee, this film definitely showed us great examples of Kairos, ethos, pathos, and logos. The different aspects that the film covers really shows us, as viewers, the inside of the porn industry.

03 December 2019
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