Rick And Morty Are Seriously Out Of This World  

Rick and Morty is a highly anticipated TV show, that uses humor to defuse the dark content in the show. The creative science fiction show connects its audience by exploring real life common situations, and creates jokes of what we often find painful. Not everything is human but personification brings out things that seem to be limited from other television shows. Instead of having a yellow family whos son is destructive and a father with an IQ of 30, we’ll start off with one of the main characters and no folks it’s also not Peter Griffin.

Rick Sanchez is the man with the brains, he’s highly intelligent mad scientist who goes on adventures that are literally out of this world. Who was inspired by Emmett Brown from back to the future. Accompanied by his grandchildren Morty (grandson) and Summer (granddaughter) on a series of adventures; they head to different planets around the world. Remember when I mentioned aventures out of this world? In this era everything and anything is possible! Aliens, different dimensions, robots even worlds where little yes or no decisions changed your entire life. Due to multiple realities Rick identifies himself as “Rick Sanchez of Earth Dimension C-137. ” As a kid I always believed that there are endless limits, like the life of Rick! Right on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. However this show isn’t isn’t for children.

This narcissist of a scientist (Rick) wasn’t always so involved with his grandchildren. Rick comes back after 20 years of not being in his daughter's life. Why did he come back when he has so much universes to see? Why did he leave? Where is Beth's mother? The show doesn’t necessarily show why Rick wasn’t in Beths life (his daughter), but it does show the development of his character growth through the situations he puts his family through. The show however; does introduce us to Jerry (Beth's husband) Mortys and summers father, who also tags along the series with significant events such as the malaise marriage he withholds with Beth. Perhaps even the most intelligent people don’t make the smartest decisions. Have you ever had a birdman as your best friend? Well in this universe the impossible is possible, the show captures the true sense of sci-fi in the artistic style of oldie style cartoon art, with huge characters that are very unique. Lets expose everything out there though, good old American families often have good barbecues with a loyal dog, right? Well, Rick relies on his flying spaceship that is energized by a working small town and barbucs aren't their typical family time but a garage as a laboratory is. With the million number of realities in this alcoholicas universe, Morty a 14 year old compassionate boy whose morals is put to the test when he tries to befriend and explore the complex dimensions that Rick introduces to him.

Rick is an alcoholic who values facts and science leading him to believe that Mortys good heart makes him weak. Animals who talk and socialize with humans, spiders trying to get human rights, dimensions and world full of different versions of yourself; this sci-fi isn't just ahead of its time but is brilliant. It has captivated the balance between tragedy and humor. Great humor is always linked up to pain. If you believe in the art of laughing through pain this show is perfect for you. Dan Harmon and JustinRoiland are the creators of the Rick and Morty, have done an amazing job bringing this universe into existence. So if you ever feel like heading towards an adventure but just can’t. . . tune into Rick and Morty on cartoon network.

03 December 2019
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