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Robots And Their Effect On Society

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In today’s modern life technology science and technology have contributed to people’s lives in many ways. Starting from the smartphone you hold in your hands to go on Facebook, driving to the highly advanced house you live in, there is at least two pieces of technology that has been made used of. The field of science and technology has advanced throughout the past decades and has changed our perspectives of life. Especially robots they have artificial intelligence that can perform many complex and dangerous duties and are becoming beneficial for some people. However, there are those who think that robots have negative affect for people and can bring extreme danger in the future (Anderson & Smith, 2014). These points of view must be addressed accordingly.

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Today, it has been proven, that robotic systems have benefited in many ways. For instance, few robots have helped children with developmental disabilities; others have improved the health status of people with different deficiencies. People who have experienced therapy robots in their lives have commented that robots brought confidence in their lives as well as solutions with their health. The other fact is that in some industrial countries robots are helping children with deficiencies to develop faster and have influenced positively to their behaviour. However, some people consider that robots may be extremely dangerous for people. One reason for this is that robots have artificial intelligence, and they cannot replace human intelligence in solving complex and out of the ordinary problems.

For instance, few robots have started to operate in some hospitals and it is very dangerous for patients, as robots cannot be responsible for their actions. Secondly, robots may pose the possible increase of unemployment in the future. This can be evidenced, as employers will choose robots’ work force instead of human beings because robots do not need any salary, moreover they will not complain or feel sick. Also, most employees in the workforce are extremely lazy (West M. D. , 2015). Many robotic solutions have been introduced during the past decades, to help disabled people. Disability robots have been designed to help people recover from certain disease conditions and injuries. It is a broad field that includes wheelchairs, robotic arms, and many other robotic devices that help disabled indiviudals with their daily routines. Many high-end factories make use of robots to make their production lines more efficient and time saving. These robots can perform more accurate and high-quality work. Their quality build ensures that they rarely make mistakes and are more precise than human workers. If they have power, they can work continuously without any pauses or breaks and doesn’t get tired as humans do.

15 Jun 2020

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