Ronald Reagan's Successes

Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, had a very successful career as our country’s president. Most of Reagan’s success came from things like reforming our country’s Social Security and lowering taxes. Also, his short recovery from an attempted assasination showed how he cared to serve for our country, helping him gain popularity and become more successful. These things helped portray Reagan as successful. In all, Reagan was successful because he lowered taxes, reformed Social Security, and had a short recovery to an attempted assaination. In his presidency, Ronald Reagan wasn’t the first one to cut taxes. When Reagan made his tax cuts, he lowered most taxes by an average of 20%-25%. This helped raise his success because he aided the population’s welfare. Also, when Reagan cut taxes, he cut them lower than before, which helped the people of the United States pay their taxes. Lastly, Ronald Reagan helped pave the way for more presidents to follow this act. In sum, cutting taxes helped make Reagan successful.

Early in Reagan's presidency, he was the victim in an attempted assaination. He ended up recovering quickly, though, solidifying how much he cared for our country. Quickly recovering was a key part of Reagan's success, as if he didn't return in the time span he did, there would be a major amount of work left unfinished. Lastly, Reagan's quick return showed leadership and helped him become a role model in the U. S. , letting people look up to him and helping create success in his presidency. Finally, Reagan's presidency was a success because of how he reformed Social Security. In our country, Social Security hasn't been changed since Reagan's reformation and was never changed before it either. With Reagan's changes, he made it to where the disabled, the elderly, the retired, and more received a check of cash to help support them. This helped make Reagan popular in the U. S. , and it also helped him become a more successful president. In all, the reformation of Social Security helped make Ronald Reagan a successful president. Reagan's presidency was a success because of the actions he took during it. He cut taxes to lower them to never before seen prices. He worked hard to return to office after almost being killed in front of thousands. Also, he helped reform Social Security, and it's still the same way it is today. In conclusion, Ronald Reagan was a very successful president.

31 October 2020
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