Rreligious, Cultural, Gastronomic & Physical Differences Between Chinese & Japanese

Are Chinese and Japanese the same? We all know a lot of people who think that all Asians with slanted eyes are Chinese but in spite of that Chinese and Japanese have many differences even though everyone think they look the same.

Chinese is the most difficult language to learn in the world because it has no alphabet, they o Ku have ideograms and to learn the language it is necessary to know each meaning of each ideogram. In Chinese when you pronounce something a different way you change the meaning completely.

In the physical aspects Chinese have light yellowish skin, large slanted eyes, flat nose and a large mouth. When we think about martial arts we immediately think of Asia but not every martial art; the kung fu is of Chinese origin, it is based on the Zen philosophy in a concentrated and deep meditation. In this culture they have some sacred animals like the snake, the dragon and the tiger.

Food is a very important part in a country’s culture, the Chop Suey is a very famous dish in China it consists of meats like chicken, pork or shrimp, cooked in wok with vegetables and is served with white steamed rice. This country has a wonderful culture and many beautiful things to always remember.

Japanese language is different, the pronunciation is much drier, it does not allow the ending of words in consonant, the words phonetically end with a vowel. It’s writing is composed of 3 alphabets; Hiragana basically represents the syllables and vowels, Kanjis represent emotions, animals and objects and Katakana is used to write that words coming from other languages.

Instead of yellowish skin they have a lighter skin, torn eyes, pointed nose and lips thin but lighter. Just as the Chinese have the kung fu the Japanese have the karate, It differs from other martial arts by not using weapons and employing blows with fist kicks and the turn of the hip. It makes greater use of attacks and direct hits, penetrating, generally straight and powerful. Japanese food is very famous around the world just like sushi, it is vinegar rice accompanied or mixed with various fresh ingredients, usually fish or seafood.

Another famous aish is Ramen, fine yellow noodles served in hot broth with several toppings, it is something popular and common in Japan. Even in the religious aspect they have differences, in Japan there is homogeneity in religion, centralized mostly in Buddhism. In the case of China, thought or what we understand as religion in the West, is represented by Confucianism, Taoism and also by various currents of Buddhism. Even though these two countries have so many differences in their cultures they also have a lot of similar things like that both in Japan and in China the protocol is very important.

Business meals are very important to establish mutual knowledge of the parties, essential element to close business. They share the love for the martial arts and for the opera. Another feature in common between both countries is that the languages is represented by nouns. A noun, as you already know, is a word that designates something and can also be called "name." Nouns, in both Chinese and Japanese, have no gender or number.

Although many confuse these two Asian countries we can realize that in all aspects, religious, cultural, gastronomic, sports and physical, they have many different things that make each country unique and different but as it has different things they also have its similarities and teach us that not because they look similar these are the same, we are all different.

03 December 2019
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